Is it common to have yeast infections during pregnancy?

August 26th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Is it common to have yeast infections during pregnancy?
I am 14 weeks and I think I am having yet another yeast infection, is that normal.
I was given a “stronger” cream and its been not even 1 whole month and its back again, is medicine the only way to cure it?

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Answer by My3Boys
Yes, just make sure you are treated appropriately for them. UTIs are also very common, and need to be treated as well.

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15 Comments on “Is it common to have yeast infections during pregnancy?”

  1. amber81981 says:

    Yes, it is very common I never had one until I got pregnant and then it seemed like I had them constantly

  2. lori h says:

    yes it is not fun

  3. sunburstpixie says:

    Kinda. I had one near the end.

  4. lisa g says:

    Yes it is very common…I had one pretty much my entire pregnancy….Just let your doctor know so he can treat you appropriately….Good Luck!

  5. pinky058 says:

    yes yeast infections are very normal for a pregnant woman

  6. Jessica L says:

    its possible just make sure you see a doctor and take your meds

  7. DixiePixie says:

    Yes, very normal…they’re caused by the crazy fluctuations of hormones that take place throughout pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.
    Be sure to see your doc about them, though-there’s a chance that it isn’t a yeast infection, but something more serious (such as vaginal bacteriosis) that presents itself much like a yeast infection would.

  8. kuumar says:

    yes its normal n pregnancy .try to eat yogurt it helps alot n ask ur gyny for prescription

  9. Jessica <3 says:

    Its very commom, i’m 15 wks and had 2 yeast infections already :S Just make sure and ask your doctor what cream you should be using.

  10. Nancy Q says:

    my Dr. said it’s OK but if is yellow with a smell go to the Dr. ASAP but if it’s White don’t worry you’ll be OK :) enjoy your pregnancy

  11. Victoria says:

    I would try the pills. They’re more effective.

    Not sure if you can take them while pregnant however….

    But yes, it’s very common to have yeast infections when pregnant. no worries, just keep on top of your appointments and medications.

  12. JLee says:

    Yes very very common…I swear I had one every month with my first pregnancy it was aweful!!! The only thing I could do was use the creams…my doctor did advise me to buy 2 seven day treatment kits of monistat and use it for 10 days as it can be harder to cure during pregnancy

  13. bernie2u4 says:

    Yes, you can have them the entire pregnancy in fact.

  14. thezaylady says:

    Anyone can get it at any time.
    Medicine is the easiest and quickest way to cure it, but there are other ways.
    Eating lots of yogurt (with live cultures) has been known to help and drinking lots of water and cranberry juice.
    Keep the area as clean and dry as possible. If you have the time and privacy, after a shower, lie naked on your bed and allow your vagina to breathe for about 10 minutes a day.
    I have also found that cleaning my pubic area with dandruff shampoo helps quicken the clearing of a yeast infection.

  15. waiting for baby says:

    I though it was a rare situation until my last pregnancy (had the baby 15 days ago)
    anyway I start having yeast infection around the same time you are having the doc will give me something and it will be gone for a few day but continue again, finally around 30 wks I know it was early to have strep b check I ask the doc if she could have the test done she agree and yes it come back +
    and she gave me an antibiotic to put in vaginaly that made everything clear and I was suppose to have antibiotic giving to me again introvinously during labor
    but since I had a c section at the end (because of complication with labor) I don’t waht was what at the end
    but yes at 14 wks I was tested + for yeast infection and the doc say that it occured with many women because of hormones to me that was hard because this was my 4th child it never happen before why now
    If you ask your doc she/he will say it is hormone
    that is probably the reason
    my only advise is for you to dring lot of water and hope it will go away soon
    Good luck

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