Is it grains like bread that cause yeast skin infections?

March 24th, 2012 by Emily
skin yeast infections
by University of Maryland Press Releases

Question: Is it grains like bread that cause yeast skin infections?
I am asking about my dog. I know this is not the dog section but they don’t know much about yeast infections. Dogs who have reddish stains under their eyes are stated to have this because of yeast. They are called “tear stains” because the eye area gets a tiny wet from overproduction of tears and then ends up sitting in the hair which in turn breeds yeast. So I wonder, is it the grains or breads in the dog’s diet that causes these yeast infections in the wet hair under the eyes?

I wonder if in humans, they get yeast infections from intake so many refined carbs. Is this true? Then it might be true for dogs who consume too many refined carbs from their kibble.

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Answer by Love’s Excelling Way
It could! Especially if the grains are high in sugar and yeast. Although, I heard grain-free kibble is not so great after all… so I would switch to something with very high calibre grains… still mostly accelerator and meat and organs but some grains and veggies and fruits. As long as those are crushed or pureed then the dog can benefit from the many many nutrients!

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