Is it HPV or Candida? (21 yr old male)?

March 11th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Is it HPV or Candida? (21 yr old male)?
I was sleeping regularly with a girl who had HPV and Candida for a few months, using condoms pretty regularly (but yeah, not 100%, i’m human, not perfect haha). Well, when we started having sex she told me that she had had some weird funk going on in her hoohah and had been going to the physicians for a while trying to get it sorted. she stated they thought it was this, then that, then this then that, but she stated they finally settled on her having HPV. Ok, not the coolest news, but whatever, worse things have happened. Well, a few weeks later she’s got some canker/cold sore looking thing on her lip and she’s all embarassed by it and tells me its from some infection called candida and i don’t think much of it and then forget about it….til recently.

we split a couple months ago, but about one month ago I started noticing a few tiny pimply zit looking things on my thighs, like right in the midpoint between my hip bone and kneecap on my thigh, both sides. Freaked out for a minute, then calmed down, figured I was losing it over nothing and forgot about it. they didn’t get worse, no more showed up, then they went away. alright, cool, nothing to worry about.

then some more come back, then more, creeping down to a few inches above my knee and moving towards my groin. I got one of two in my pubic area which really started to get me worried. one got pretty huge (2-4mm across maybe) then it opened somehow (maybe i itched it? my briefs, a belt? who knows) and it was sorta just…moist and wet, don’t know how to explain it. not like a blister that oozes all over for a second then is done, this just sorta felt wet and stayed that way.

so now i’m thinking f**k, i’ve got HPV, not that sweet…but still being mildly in denial about, thinking maybe its something else, its on my thighs (can HPV be there??) and absolutely not on my dick or balls, so that good, right?

well, couple days ago i notice a tiny white zitty blistery tiny tiny thing, like the tip of a ball point pen size, just on the side of my frenulum…. so now i’m real stressed about it and then….

I remember all of a sudden she stated something about candida and i (being a pre-med student at one time) hit the medical dictionary and much to my suprise its a yeast infection. i’ve read up on it and HPV as much as i can, but i guess my question is are there any real indicators that are exclusive only to HPV or candida? i’ve seen some photos and they both seem to be likely, and because mine’s so mild its really hard to distinguish what’s going on, but i’m nervous, and anxious, and depressed over this and I’d really like some pointers? i’m going to see a dr. soon but can’t handle the anxiety anymore and wanted to ask you all.

well…i wasn’t that worred about it being herpes til now…thanks buddy haha another to add to the list of stress. but…i’m pretty f**king sure it isn’t, doesn’t quite look like it or sound like it and i do know that the girl i was sleeping with had HPV and candida…
also, the bumps/things of interest on my body are usually near a hair, or even seem to have a hair coming out of them, at first i wondered if they were ingrown hairs or something trivial, and that helped my anxiety til i some one on my penis…
ok, so i started to really think about it and piece things back with events, and i started to notice these things around the new year…if that makes any difference.

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Answer by Jason
Herpes-related sores do not look like pimples, but rather blisters that contain fluid. During the cycle of herpes symptoms, these blisters will burst and dry up as the infection comes to a close. It is important to note that the fluid contained in the sores is highly contagious, and when it is present in and around the sore, the infected mortal is most likely to transmit the disease.
More advanced symptoms of herpes in the genital area include blisters similar to those that appear in cases of oral herpes. Small blisters, either as individuals or in a group, will form on the skin on or near the genitals. The tops of the blisters will eventually come off and leave open wet sores. The open sores will later dry up as scabs develop during the healing process leaving no scarring. At this time, the lesions are no longer contagious.
The full cycle of herpes symptoms takes between two and four weeks to complete. The effects are worst for most people during the first out break, usually occurs within a few weeks of the initial transmission of the disease. Subsequent outbreaks of can occur four or five times a year, and the frequency of occurrences should decrease in time, though the virus is always present in the bodies of those infected.
There are many testing options exists to help people cope with symptoms of herpes. Just consult the accredited std specialists at Local STD Testing Centers. They will advise you what is the best thing to do.

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2 Comments on “Is it HPV or Candida? (21 yr old male)?”

  1. Cris says:

    Most probably Herpes. If she had that sore in her mouth and gave you a head, then it’s most likely to infect you. Get tested to see where you stand. Inform your doctor about this history with your ex to know which test you would be required to take.

  2. No hope in the broken says:

    Dang to me it sounds like herpes, because warts are normally not open sores, and only herpes cause sores on the lips not candida which is a yeast infection and has nothing to do with that.

    Hpv isnt that bad to live with, but it dont really be on the legs but more on the gentials etc..

    Deff go get checked out, because people tend to tell stories about what they have..

    Good luck

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