Is it ok to not treat a yeast infection? will it go away?

April 29th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Is it ok to not treat a yeast infection? will it go away?
im only 12. is a yeast infection contagious? if so, how? how can i prevent it? im a virgin.
is there a certain age that it doesn’t happen until like breast cancer, it is very unlikely to get if u are under like 30 or 40. is it like that?
do you have to treat it or will it go away on its own if i dont mind the itching?

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Answer by illinois_girl_1973
ok, first are u positive it is a yeast invection? you should probably see a doctor… second it is curable with over the counter medication…talk to your mother or someone you can trust, it is not at all like breast cancer

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15 Comments on “Is it ok to not treat a yeast infection? will it go away?”

  1. surlygurl says:

    Yeast infections can be caused by many things, in particular after taking antibiotics when the bacteria in your body that keep the yeast from growing too much, are killed off. Also, if you have a diet high in sugar and processed foods you may have an imbalance in your body that allows the yeast to grow. You must treat the yeast infection, it will not go away on its own. It is easy to find over the counter treatments that only take a few days and are not hard to use.

  2. zzhoundzz says:

    You have to treat it & can buy that @ the store.Follow directions.Its not contagious without having a sexual relationship.Any woman can get this at any age.It can even come from using the wrong soap.

  3. Joya says:

    No, it will not go away without treatment….Please see a doctor right away.

    It’s not contagious. There are lots of causes for it, but you need to get some attention. It’s not a big deal to treat.

  4. Morganna says:

    OK sweets, if you have one drink plenty of cranberry juice and water, eat plain yogurt and it will help it go away, yes virgins can get them and sometimes its what your eating that can give you one have mom contact a dr and no its not good to let it go untreated , for 1 you’d be miserable
    stay away from bubble baths and perfumed soap. and wear plain white undies,
    * this is for the ignorant people…its not just a sex thing*

  5. cailieco says:

    Firstly you need to make sure that it is a yeast infection. Go and talk to your Mum or another Female adult to take you to the Dr. to have it checked out. As you are so young.

  6. Amy T says:

    you should always treat a yeast infection if you truly have a yeast infection it will become unbearable you can by over the counter products for this talk to your mom since you are only 12 I would suggest that you go to the doctor. Some women are just naturally pron to yeast infections but you can reduce your risk by keeping the area dry and clean.

  7. angel says:

    ok, you must treat your yeast infection. if it remains untreated, you can recieve other types of infections including making you infertal. and it can be painful, and also give you UTI’s. you can buy an over the counter medication. they even make them so that you can cure the yeast infection in 3 days. when it comes to breast cancer, you should look into the history of your family. what ever age that a family member got breat cancer, you should start testing your self 10 years before that age. so if a family member got cancer at 30, test yourself at 20.

    also yeast infections can be contagious to your sexual partner. men get it in the form of a foot fungus. but you can’t get it like a cold. also the creams you use for the yeast infections can break condoms.

    you can prevent yeast infections by wearing cotton under wear. keep your self clean, try to wash that area every night, or when you get up in the morning. if you recieve them alot, then you will want to cut back on sugar problems, and eat yogurt. one container of yogurt everyday. yogurt contains a culture known as acidophilus. you can also purchase acidophilus over the counter in the form of a pill. i take this pill everyday because i also get yeast infection all the time. some people are more prone to them than others. i also got them as a young adult before i was even having sex. i sweat alot and i believe that why i get them.

    also if you recieve them regularly visit your doctor and they can analize you personal situation to see if there is something causeing this issue. it could be diet. oh and taking bubble baths can cause hem too.

  8. Anastasia says:

    Firstly, dont be scared, yeast infections are very common with women of all ages, when you get a yeast infection its basically just an imbalance in the natural flora of the vagina.
    You dont have to be sexually active to get it, it can be brought on from a range of things like taking antibiotics, wearing non cotton undies or even stress…It is very contagious, so proper hygiene is a must, making sure you wash your hands after you use the bathroom. Try using a non soap based bath wash in the shower, wear cotton underwear rather than nylon or synthetic ones, as this helps your skin to breath, and having a good balanced diet will help as well, making sure to include natural yogurt.
    First you really need to go to a doc and have it checked out, I’m sure if you speak to your mum she will happily take you so see one, I’m sure shes had the same problem at some stage, your doc will take a quick look and a swab of the area and send it off for testing, you will get the results fairly fast, you can get over the counter medications to fix the problem.

    Hope this helps

  9. alecnaaron says:

    anyone can have a yeast infection….we all have yeast in our bodies all the time,my son had one when he was a baby but women tend to get them and they make you itchy and white thick discharge comes out.Women tend to get them because our hormones changing monthly makes us more prone to them.Two people can pass a yeast infection back and forth during sex but it usually doesnt happen often.I had my first yeast infection at 18 and it was horrible i have had a few since then and they were not that bad.Over the counter meds are great but its best to go to the doctor the first time you have one just to be help prevent then wear cotton underwear,stay away from scented pads,tampons,washes.Eating yogurt with live active cultures in it helps balance your sytem to help prevent or recover from one….it says on the yougurt if it has the live active cultures.Stay away from alot of sugar because the yeast feeds on that.

  10. pak1789 says:

    I had one once when I was in college and at first I didn’t do anything about it because I hoped it would just go away. It didn’t. After a couple of months, I finally went to a gynecologist (for the first time) and got the medicine to clear it up. I’ve never had another one….

  11. random6x7 says:

    You do need to treat yeast infections, as they may get a lot worse and may even lead to infertility. They are contagious, but not nearly as contagious as, say, a cold. Yeast infections happen when the flora in your vagina gets out of wack and the naturally occurring yeast start reproducing like crazy. If it happens in your mouth, it’s called thrush. You can pass it on to your partner through sexual contact, and they can pass it back to you.

    You can get a yeast infection basically whenever you have a vagina. Sorry. To help prevent them, try to keep your vagina’s pH happy. Never douche. Don’t use soap or anything perfumed near that area (to wash it, just use water). Wear cotton or cotton-lined underwear. Eating yogurt with active bacteria helps, too.

    You should go to a doctor if you suspect you have an infection. There are lots of problems that cause the same symptoms as yeast infections, and the doctor can make sure that that’s really your problem. After that, it’s just a matter of getting the Monistat and using it every night. It’s not a fun time, but it’s not that bad. Something like 3/4ths of all women will have one sometime, so it’s not like you’d be all alone.

  12. sandy says:

    I’ll be brief…….You should help yourself by:

    1. reduce your intake of sweet, cakes & breads

    2. drink plenty of water & fruit juices….especially cranberry juisce.

    3. get it treated soonest with the right medication.

    or you may face the consequences:

    1. itch……itch……and more itch.

    2. spread of the infection….further in up your vaginal tract

    3. general lethargy and malaise……will affect everything you do or wish to do.

    4. over a long period you could become sterile….or infertile….and may not be able to concieve babies.

    Get it trested soon! take care.

  13. jackbutler5555 says:

    Yeast infections are quite common and treatable. You might talk it over with your mom or another woman or read about them on the web, like the article below. I hope you don’t feel too embarassed to get help from another woman or from your doctor.

  14. teeger671 says:

    You should definatly get tested to make sure it is yeast infections many different things can mimic a yeast infections so your first one should get cultured.

    There is not age that means you shouldn’t get them yet.

    There are some simple treatments like eating plenty of yogurt that can sometimes take care of the problem completely and is very healthy so don’t avoid treating it in some way because it can cause some other conditions and dammage to your vagina that would be very troublesome so you want to avoid it. yeast yeast treatments, probiotics There are many self help treatments for yeast infections at this link.

    Is it contagious….it can increase the risk of a partner getting a yeast infection too if they get in contact with it. It is possible to pass yeast back and forth.
    You are a greater risk of getting a yeast infection during certain points of your cycle….prevention can be eating plenty of yogurt, AZO yeast, a probiotic, keeping the area dry, garlic, and if necessary monitor your vaginal ph.
    It is unlikely that you will pass yeast to another person unless they are in contact with the yeast but you can get yeast infections in other places than just your vagina which is why something oral like yogurt is a good way to prevent further since it can help clean the rest of you of any non symptomatic yeast.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  15. phi_in_training says:

    Girls of any age can get yeast infections. They are caused by an abnormal balance of yeast cells and pH balance in the vagina. They are not contagious. There is no way to actually prevent them, they will happen on their own. Some helpful ways may be to -Dry off completely after showering/bathing.
    -Eat a proper diet with lots of fruits/veggies and yogurt.
    -Avoid leaving tampons in for more than 8 hours.
    Choosing to treat or not treat a yeast infection is completely up to you; they usually go away once an infected woman has her period. However, leaving them untreated can lead to yeast infections in the anus, which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Treatments are available at your local drugstore for under $20 and usually are to be used for 3 consecutive days. Usually a pill or ovule inserted into the vagina with anti-itch anti-fungal cream applied around.

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