is it possible for a male yeast infection to make me ill?

December 11th, 2010 by Emily
pictures of yeast infection
by fatllama

Question: is it doable for a male yeast infection to make me ill?
i’m not exactly sure if it is a yeast infection, but the head of my penis has a patchy red spot all around the rim of the head with a couple red spots. About a day after i noticed the redness i got sick with a fever, headache and i was uncomfortable. It itched a lot the first day i noticed it and now it only kind of itches.

I thought it might have been herpes too but the spots aren’t really bumps and there is no white in the center of them.

Even without the bumps or white spots does it sound like herpes because of the sickness? Or could it be a yeast infection? The photos for yeast infections matched closer most the time to what i’v noticed then the photos for herpes but i’m really not sure.

Also, how long does a male yeast infection take to develop?

I’m going to get tested but i could use some insight. Thank you.

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Answer by Jack
The only thing that soudns similiar to that is when i lost my cold, My feet and hands were covered in these tiny bumps and they constantly had pins and needles, and i was just starting to lose my cold, My father and mum stated it was the cold coming out of me hope i helped

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