Is it possible to get a yeast infection in your throat?

March 15th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Is it doable to get a yeast infection in your throat?
I know it’s possible, but is it only possibly by oral sex?
or if you touched the spot cleaning it or something and didn’t wash your hand well enough, is it doable you can get it from intake something?

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Answer by Jamie
You can get yeast infections from just about anything. Antibiotics, bread, beer, sugar, sex, etc. And yes it’s doable to get it in your throat. You can also get one anywhere

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2 Comments on “Is it possible to get a yeast infection in your throat?”

  1. jimbell says:

    Yes, it’s possible. You can get it through having oral sex, but there are a number of other causes. To even get it though sex, your immune system has to be a bit compromised for the bacteria to keep growing out of control. Healthy people naturally have Candida in their bodies, and it only becomes a problem when it starts growing out of control.
    Diabetics get yeast infections very often.
    Taking strong antibiotics and some kinds of birth control, and some types of chemotherapy can trigger yeast infection.
    Another cause may be diet that’s very high in sugar, alcohol, and yeast.
    The most common cause is lower immunity because of a cold or stress. You can also get yeast infections on other body parts like feet, underarms, etc).
    See a doctor- couple days of meds are all it takes to clear it.

  2. AlkalineDietDetox says:

    As indicated there are other contributing factors such as diet with too much yeast and sugar, extended use of antibiotics, beer, and weak immune system. You will want to see a doctor, but there are natural remedies that are quite remarkable and work very quickly. I have used some of them and they are listed at I have included some other resources as well.

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