is it possible to have a build up of yeast in your body, without ever experiencing a vaginal yeast infection?

June 13th, 2013 by Emily

Question: is it doable to have a build up of yeast in your body, without ever experiencing a vaginal yeast infection?
i think i might have a build up of yeast inside my body. i have a lot of the symptoms such as memory loss, fatigue, dry skin, mood changes, allergies, & at times i can even taste yeast when i swallow or blow my nose. i’m just wondering if it’s doable to have a yeast build up in my body, yet never experience a vaginal yeast infection. i just figured if i do have a yeast build up, it would have affected me vaginally by now, but it hasn’t.

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Answer by frankie
Yes its called Candida. Very common in women.

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7 Comments on “is it possible to have a build up of yeast in your body, without ever experiencing a vaginal yeast infection?”

  1. mlgable says:

    Yes this is very possible. We all have candidia aka yeast in our bodies but sometimes it takes over and causes problems. Try taking acidophillus capsules daily or eating lots of yogurt with live active cultures to get the bacteria in check.

  2. Oreo says:

    Even if that’s not the case with those symptoms, you should still see a doctor.

  3. fojimo says:

    it doesn’t always come out in an infection. not unless it is extremely high amounts of yeast. usually you can tell by (this is gross but true) spitting in a glass of water. if it is stringy and floats you are high in yeast.

  4. snarfyrn says:

    I would check into doing a yeast cleanse. You can get it at any health food store – be sure to follow the directions closely or it won’t work. Of course it’s always wise to consult a doctor first if you arent sure – the symptoms you are having can mean lots of things. If you are certain it’s yeast then you can always cleanse first and if it’s not – go from there. To answer your question- yes it’s possible….but, usually you do have something either thrush in your mouth or sometimes a wierd rash on your skin, and the always wonderful…. vaginal infections. Good luck – hope that helps!

  5. Dorothy H says:

    YES, it’ s very true!

    in the books “The Yeast Connection’& The Yeast Connecton for women” Dr.Crook, explains this,

    so many people have this & they don’t knowit, this also is sometimes accompanied by “chronic fatigue syndrome” which is may or may not be hand in hand w/ fibromyalgia.

    sorry, but yes, they make a med. called Nystatin, for saturation, into your muscles, mainly this is absorbed in the large intestine. but it helps.

    Yeast feeds on sugar, so watch the sweets & colas.

  6. beebs says:

    Yes, its possible and very common. The condition is known as candida albicans, and you can easily test for it at home. Take a clear glass cup and fill it with fresh, cool water. Build up some saliva in your mouth (first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything) and spit into the water. Wait about 5 minutes, and if the saliva (spit) has strings hanging down into the water, then you have yeast overgrowth. Vaginal yeast infections are different than systemic candida, so you would not necessarily have a vaginal yeast infection. There are quite a few groups on yahoo for support, diet, and info on candida. Its a tough condition to treat-you have to REALLY modify your diet, but it can be brought under control Dont buy into all of the pills and potions that supposedly “cure” it. Diet modification, plenty of water, and some lifestyle changes are whats needed. There are some great books-I think one is called “The Yeast Connection” with great info. You should be able to get it from your local library

  7. Mountain Bear says:

    You can’t have yeast build up, without having some yeast infection some place in your body; since yeast is a bi-produce of an over production of bacteria that is normally found in our intestines, but ends up getting out of control. Often women get them while using antibiotics, becuase antibiotics kill the bad bacterias as well as many good ones that are needed.

    You can have the bacteria that produces yeast on your tongue, they appear as a white covering on your tongue or throat. You can have vaginal yeast infections and many women have mild ones and never know it until a doctors sees it. Any white cake or cottage cheese substance on or in your vagina is yeast. There are intestional yeast infections as well.

    Now, if you even think you have it, there is a very safe way to deal with yeast, which is a bi-produce of an organizsm, most often found in the digestive tract.

    Wal-mart has this item for cheap. It’s Acidophilus, by Spring Valley. Costs around 7.00 for 120 tablets. After opening keep in the refrigerator. It’s live bacteria that our intestinal tract needs. If you eat well, most people have lots of healthy bacteria, but now days with all the colas, sugary foods, many people, even men can end up with yeast infections and not even know it.

    Use the first dosage 4 of the tablets to really get your body going. Then use two at bedtime the first day, two more in the morning and two more the next night. Then take one in the morning and one at night for five days. Then one a day for one more week. That normallly will clear up any yeast infection. It simply helps the body to build back up the healthy organisms in the digestive tract.

    Eat lots of veges, or bran, as they can make you a little constipated as they begin to work.

    I use to get yeast infections all the time from antibiotics. I use to take the prescription for it, then had an allergic reactions. Then my pharmacist said to try the Acidophilus, that it did as well if not better then the prescription and didn’t interact with any other medications that they’d ever encountered. It’s even what OB/GYN’s give to pregnant ladies who end up with a yeast infection, because it’s natural, helpful and can’t harm the baby.

    Now, the fact you say you can taste it when ou blow your nose. I’m wondering if you have a fungus infection instead. Fungus infections are nasty and cause more of hte symptoms you are talking about. Especially if it’s gone on a while. If you have medical insurance, I would highly recommend you see and ENT and ask them to swab your nose, mouth and do an exam. If you have a fungus infection that you’ve had a for a while, it can get down into the teeth and cause absesses, it can move into the brain in time. It’s not something to mess with. I had a friend I told her I knew she had it, her primary care doctor said no. She got into an ENT, she had a fungus infection that caused her to lose a tooth, have to be treated with very powerful anti-biotics for about 2 1/2 months.

    Yeast SMELLS, like dead fish if you ask me. I had it on my tongue once following throat surgery and there was no taste. If you are tasting something, I doubt it’s yeast.

    Also, there are B-Vitamin as well as Mineral definciencies that can cause a metalic taste in your mouth, as well as cause the other symptoms you are talking about. Consider getting a blood work up from a doctor, even a primary care doctor can do this.

    Ask yourself if it’s a metalic taste you are tasting?

    With all your symptoms, I’m telling you as someone who has from antibiotic use, many yeast infections and the Trush, which is a tongue and throat yeast infection once. I never once had from it all the symptoms you are talking about. You really do sound more like you are experiencing some type of vitamin or mineral defeciency and you can’t just take over the counter vitamins and minerals to solve hte problem if that is what’s wrong. IF that is what’s wrong you really need to get into see a GOOD primary care doctor who can check your vitamin levels, especially your B-vitamins and Minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, etc.

    If you try for even one week the Acidophilus and you are not feeling much better, really do go see a doctor and if you can afford it now, go now.

    If you are bulemic, vomiting can also cause severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies that lead to all the symptoms you are saying you have.

    Whatever the cause, don’t just let it keep going on, find out now. You wait long enough, you might be left in a situation that can’t be fixed.

    Take care of yourself.

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