Is it possible to have vaginal thrush without itching?

November 16th, 2012 by Emily
vaginal thrush
by diluvienne

Question: Is it doable to have vaginal thrush without itching?
I don’t have itching but my smear test came back with diagnosis of vaginal thrush. (there was also inflamation of the cervix when my physician did the test). Physician told me to use a cream to clear. The only think I’m confused about is why I don’t have itch. Each article I’ve read on thrush says that itching is the usual symptom.

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Answer by ♥proud mommy of 2 girls♥
wow good question! im going through the exact sme thing right now and i also want to know why i wasnt getting the itching the only problems i had were a tiny painful during sex and some discharge, no itching but my doc stated it was a yeast infection (same as thrush) so i purchased some cream and i feel a lot superior now….good luck

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One Comment on “Is it possible to have vaginal thrush without itching?”

  1. sweet_g_grl says:

    you can have thrush with no itching.. there can be burning or just discharge.. or even nothin at all. it depends on how advanced it is.


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