Is it safe to take probiotics during pregnancy?

December 2nd, 2012 by Emily
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Question: Is it innocuous to take probiotics during pregnancy?
I’m pregnant and I need to find a natural cure for a yeast infection.I was told to take probiotics,but I’m reluctant. Why are probiotics ok, but unpasteurized cheese and things like that not ok during pregnancy?

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Answer by tidgie10211982
If your Dr. told you to take it, then it’s ok. I wouldn’t take anything without speaking to your Dr. first.

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6 Comments on “Is it safe to take probiotics during pregnancy?”

  1. A mom of 2 says:

    I would think it would be ok since it is in yogurt. Maybe stick to the yogurt for a safe measure.

  2. angel says:

    pro bioctic yogurts have natural bacteria in that can help with infections and yeast infections.. they are ok….

  3. sassyj says:

    If the doctor was your gyno and said it was ok, then it should be. But you can also eat yogurt, buttermilk, and cottage cheese like that to help get rid of the yeast infection. And it will be healthy for your baby to get all that calcium.

  4. maro4 says:

    Probiotics are safe during pregnancy, but you should talk to your doctor about dosages. It is unsafe to eat unpasteurized cheese during pregnancy because it could contain listeria which is harmful to you and the baby.

  5. bubu says:

    Yogurts have probiotics and actually yogurt is considered to b very good for you during pregnancy. Probiotics help with your digestion. Upasturarized soft cheese on the other hand is very dangerous during pregnancy and you should absolutely avoid it. They may contain Listeria bacteria which is not good for your baby’s health.

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