Is it true you can cure a yeast infection with garlic?

August 17th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Is it true you can cure a yeast infection with garlic? I was reading someone had asked this question by the natural home remedies to get rid of a yeast infection. A lady stated to leave a clove of garlic in the vagina overnight. Does this really work? Greatest answer:

Reply by Karin U
I have not heard garlic works. However, while yogurt in the vagina overnight and use a protector. Yogurt inserted with a Leave your answer to this question below

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8 Comments on “Is it true you can cure a yeast infection with garlic?”

  1. fdslsg says:

    i’ve heard that, too, but i swear by yogurt!

  2. Dawn R says:

    yogurt or vinegar works, i dont know about the garlic. never heard of that

  3. Lizzy! says:

    NOPE!!!! Use yogurt.. Eat plenty of it.

  4. Maisie says:

    I would not use a whole glove of garlic, but you take the garlic sections and skin them and thread some string through the tops and insert them overnight and pull on the sting to remove what is left. Some people will insert yogurt but this needs to be plain live active yogurt from the health and natural department. Eating alot of this yogurt should be a regular part of diet. Eat lots of fruits and veg.
    You need to know if your body had a yest infection and why- we have a natural amount of yeast in our bodies and sometimes people have an excessive amount of it. I would suggest taking acidophilus 5 billion – milk free with FOS. This will help put the natural flora back into you system and help control the situation. Also drink alot of fluids. If it continues and becomes bothersome then it is time to see the doctor but continue taking the acidophilus. Hope that heps

  5. BrayZmA W says:

    natural yoghurts work eat heaps of it or put some down there

  6. DJ says:

    Never heard of it, nor would I ever try it.

  7. alittlewiser says:

    Please dont put garlic in your Virgina Some one told me it gets rid of moles and cancer, i took a piece of raw garlic and put a piece of tape over it to hold it in place on a mole i had, it did nothing for the mole but blistered the skin all around it. So please use the yogurt it is a little more easy on sensitive skin and membranes, you can take it both ways, thru the mouth or from the bottom, thru the Virgina.

  8. noodle202 says:

    Generally speaking, garlic has natural anti fungal (as well anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties). So yes, garlic does kill fungi (which is what yeast is, the fungus species candida Albicans). So in theory, loading garlic in there may create an environment where the yeast can’t survive. However, that clove of garlic only encompasses about 1 square inch of the area in question. The infection may be farther inside than you realize, including the uterus. Which is beyond the reach of the garlic. At the first sign of itching, garlic is a good preventative measure, but will not do much for a serious infection.

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