is there a natural cures for yeast infections?

August 5th, 2011 by Emily
natural cures yeast infections
by mauroguanandi

Question: is there a natural cures for yeast infections?
does Alka Seltzer actually help relieve yeast infections? (tell me if youve ever tried it)
taking Acidophilus does it help? (if so how much and is it topically or orally)
if you have any other known cures that you guys tried please tell me. :D thank you
women who have been through this please help

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Answer by Anonymous
You can dip REGULAR yogurt no flavors no nothing and place it on a tampon and stick it in you. Thats what I heard works but I’m not sure, I’ve never tried it.

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2 Comments on “is there a natural cures for yeast infections?”

  1. xXx!MIsa Madness!xXx says:

    Acidophilus actually does work. It is in pill form, and you can get it in chewable-form or in caplets. I’ve taken both, and personally I like the chewable-form better. You take the chewable three times a day, and the caplet twice a day. Even since I started taking it, I haven’t had any problems at all whatsoever. I don’t know anything about Alka Seltzer, but definitely go for Acidophilus.

  2. Michael Verdigon says:

    If you are serious about curing your yeast infection check out this site

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