Is there an operation to help chronic vaginal yeast infections?

June 9th, 2013 by Emily
chronic yeast infection
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Question: Is there an operation to help chronic vaginal yeast infections?
My wife has chronic yeast infections. The physician told her she could have an operation to lift her female organs, which had dropped some, from many ( eight ) child births. This would stop the infections.
Ever heard of this?

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Answer by Alli8833
Just listen to your doctor. I doubt he’s making it up.

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4 Comments on “Is there an operation to help chronic vaginal yeast infections?”

  1. ginger h says:

    the doctor would know, he is a Dr!! But before you consider surgery that is expensive and may have side effects try these tips

    wear cotton underwear, eat yogurt, wipe front to back,dont use perfume soap , shower gels, dont douche,dont use vaginal lubricants. There are many other things that can be done to prevent yeast infection.

  2. gazeygoo says:

    She can have surgery to help with the bladder issues she may be having but not going to do a thing for chronic yeast infections. She needs to evaluate her diet to see if she is consuming too much sugar which can cause yeast infections, she needs to see if she is diabetic which will also contribute to chronic yeast infections, she needs to wear cotton underwear, if you are not circumcised you need to be treated as well as you may be passing it back and forth or she may need to be more aggressive with her treatment.

  3. Dr. T says:

    Uterine prolapse is not a direct cause of yeast infections… however, if the cervix is prolapsed to the point that it protrudes from the vagina there can be significant impact on the normal flora in area (because of increased irritation due to friction, and the related increase in mucous secretion, etc.) This tends to start as recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and can also involve yeast infections. Correcting the prolapse may or may not improve the yeast situation… but if the prolapse is significant, it will likely improve quality of life. Consider a pessary as another option??

    Have your wife and her doc ruled out all other contributing factors? Topping the list:
    - – Chronic yeast infections tend to arise with a lot of antibiotic use because of the disruption to the normal “balance” of micro-organisms in the vagina. (IE: antibiotics kill of the “good bacteria” and the yeast [Candida albicans] grows unchecked.) Has your wife been on antibiotics a lot recently? If so, a high potency probiotic (orally for a few months AND as a vaginal suppository once daily for 1-2 weeks) may resolve the problem. Discuss this option with the doc, or with your friendly neighborhood naturopathic doctor. :)
    - – Is your wife experiencing vaginal dryness? The irritation to the tissues can beget a host of unpleasant effects, not least of which is recurrent yeast infection. There can be a hormonal cause for this which should be investigated.
    - – Some women tend toward yeast infections as an unusual presentation of dietary sensitivities. It’s worth it to investigate this before you move toward more invasive/higher risk options such as surgery.

  4. thenoseknows says:

    Her doctor’s a quack. One has nothing to do with the other.
    Probiotics cure candida bacteria which are the cause of vaginal yeast infections.
    Tell her to visit the health food store and ask for help choosing a high quality probiotic. Yogurt won’t cut it, it has too little in the way of active ingredients.
    She should see an Osteopath for help with her other internal issues.
    As her partner, you should get your junk checked too.

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