Is there an over the counter ointment for a yeast infection for a dog’s paw?

January 27th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Is there an over the counter ointment for a yeast infection for a dog’s paw?
I think my dog might have a yeast infection or bacterial infection between his toes. He constantly chews at his paws, causing them to become extremely sore. Is there an over the counter cure for this problem?

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Answer by kingsley
Go to the drug store and purchase some ” Bag Balm “. It comes in a small green can and works wonders. I use it for my pets and myself for any skin irritation. Read the can, it was originally prefabricated for farm animals. Love that stuff.

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6 Comments on “Is there an over the counter ointment for a yeast infection for a dog’s paw?”

  1. PawPrintz says:

    Yeah, over your vet’s counter. Find out what’s wrong, instead of thinking you know. You a vet?

  2. ALM says:

    an otc ointment won’t work, the dog will just lick it off as soon as you put it on. You would need an e-collor to prevent the dog from getting to it. Ideally you should see a vet for a definative diagnosis. Yeast and bacteria require different things. But if you are really desparate and can’t afford a vet try a triple antibiotic cream (without hydrocortisone) for a bacterial infection, for fungal try a topical antifungal, these are available at any drug store. Again, find a way so the dog can’t lick it off. If this is an ongoing problem your dog may have issues with allergies. If it is just one foot there may be a wound that became infected.

  3. Kylie P says:

    actually, my dog was just diagnosed with the exact same thing just yesterday.
    the vet gave us a special medicated shampoo that we need to wash him with every 2 days for 3 weeks. it’s very time consuming, but it’s worth it.
    warning: you might want to muzzle your dog when you bathe him as the water on the paws stings very badly, and the shampoo even worse, and although they don’t mean to, sometimes dogs snap when they’re in pain.
    the shampoo is called VIRBAC DERMAZOLE

  4. flaw says:

    How about trying the product ‘Tinactin’ . Is from drug store foot , crotch medicine area. Clears away more sores than only feet. or crotches.
    Possible the dogs feet needs antibiotics or the cleanseing salt water bathe?

  5. Tammy C says:

    Wipe between the toes with Witch hazel,then apply an athletes foot powder or spray,or a yeast infection cream ( Monistat),containing Miconazole,2% a couple of times a day.Rub it in well.Also,you can give the dog Benadryl (only if you;re in the US) 1 mg.per lb. of body weight,twice a day for itching.Don’t worry if the dog licks the cream or powder off,Miconazole is very poorly absorbed orally and the worst it would do is cause a mild stomach upset.If there is no improvement in a week,you should take the dog to a vet.

  6. bullyclair says:

    I have used over the counter meds for my dog .To keep them from licking off meds put socks on the paws then wrap the sock with the self stick cloth type tape so that it is on the sock and part of the leg( needs to be on the dogs fur so it does not slip down) also do not wrap tight just enough to hold, this will only work if your dog wont pull off the sock and tape .vinegar dips help also with yeast on feet.If all this fails then you must go to the vet and have a skin scrape done to see what is going on

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