Is Yeast infection?

February 20th, 2014 by Emily
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by Iqbal Osman1

Question: Is Yeast infection?
Is yeast infection a symptom of STD or HIV?

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Answer by Alli
Yeast infections usually have nothing to do with STDs.

A yeast infection basically is just an imbalance of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria. Many yeast infections are actually caused by taking antibiotics, for unrelated health problems. It is doable to have an STD and a yeast infection at the same time, but one doesn’t necessarily cause the other one. It’s also doable to get a yeast infection after treating and curing a bacterial STD like chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis. Since antibiotics are needed to kill the bacteria causing the STD it can cause a mortal to develop a yeast infection.

I personally got a yeast infection when I was in the hospital getting an IV antibiotic for tonsillitis. So, obviously, they are not always a sign of a STD.

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5 Comments on “Is Yeast infection?”

  1. Mrs.Vick says:

    a yeast infection occurs when your off balance and have a weaker immune system to keep u regulated. it is often in pregnant women and in an aids infected body. It is normal but there is usually a reason for it. if its unimaginably hot and your working in pants than that would be the cause if u got one. if there are no noraml reasons like too tight of pants or underwear. do u often wear underwear other than cotton?

  2. Betty R says:

    Hope this cure Yeast Infection site can help you:

  3. David H says:

    Recurrent yeast infections could be an indicator of something far more serious like HIV/ AIDS, just as recurrent genital warts can also be an indicator of something such as cervical cancer.

    The first thing you need to do if you suspect that you might have one of the vaginal diseases is to consult with you physician and have a proper check up done. This can rule out other conditions and confirm for you whether or not you have something like a yeast infection.

    Most vaginal diseases are contracted through sexual intercourse, and as such are considered to be sexually transmitted diseases.

    And although yeast infections aren’t technically considered to be a sexually transmitted disease since the infection doesn’t spread through the exchange of bodily fluid, it can’t be denied that yeast infections can be transferred from one partner to the other through sexual intercourse.

    It should also be noted that some vaginal diseases are merely a symptom of a greater underlying medical condition like those mentioned earlier, and are not necessarily the root cause. Only proper testing can determine this.

    The treatment of vaginal diseases isn’t always easy and in some cases like genital warts it can be downright painful at times. There are however, things that can be done on your own to either help prevent vaginal diseases from occurring in the first, second or third place, or to help enhance whatever medications or remedies you might currently be taking.

    If it’s the latter case and you’re already taking medication for your vaginal disease you might want to determine first of all whether anything else you take will react adversely with your present medication.

    If however, you’re on the offensive against vaginal diseases and want to stop it from occurring or recurring, there are things that you can do.

    The easiest of course, and the most difficult in many cases, is to change dietary habits. Obviously that’s easier said than done, but it can be done. You don’t need to do too much, maybe a few small changes at first to help you.

    Dietary changes, you should note, in the case of vaginal diseases don’t refer to any of the latest fad diets, or starving yourself and living on a celery stalk for the entire day.

    It means instead that you should switch to a healthier lifestyle if possible which eliminates as far as possible such things as refined foods, and fast foods. It should include leafy vegetables, fruits, and other good-for-you healthy foods.

    Vaginal diseases don’t need to be a constant blot on your life, as along with the dietary changes a few simple lifestyle changes can also make a great difference.
    Hope this helps!

  4. jai1603 says:

    it can be

  5. Tanya says:

    I guess yeast infection is not a symptom of std or hiv. It’s a totally different infection. hope try to check . Hope I was able to help on my little way.

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