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March 7th, 2013 by Emily

asked: Fungal infections can suits bath oh? Medes I hab? ao? do out of a showering suit?, or for too long can cause yeast infections in women. ? True or false? I place paranoico.Mejor response:

Answer True. Bacteria and fungi thrive in? Areas h? Humid and dark, wearing a showering suit? Oh? Medo increases the chances of women getting a bacteria and / or infection? N of yeast. Some people are m? S susceptive others. Do not be paranoid, s? I play it safe. Instead of being in a suit h? Medo entire day to change it (at least the funds) and let everything dry for a while. A continuation? N, I advocate that you place suit bath or sun to dry because I do not like putting on a showering suit? Or fr? AYH? Meda. If you think things are not normal AFTER? S to spend much time in a swimsuit Or, go to the physician.

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