It? Pray,? Cu? They are some natural remedies for yeast infections?

June 14th, 2012 by Emily
natural cure for yeast infections
by plants in Vietnam and U.S. plants

Question :? It? Pray,? Cu? They are some natural remedies for yeast infections Greatest answer : Answer

middnight_starr please
env? em an email right electronic if you find anything …. Middnight_starr @ yahoo

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4 Comments on “It? Pray,? Cu? They are some natural remedies for yeast infections?”

  1. alicia s says:

    drink lots of water or cranberry juice!

  2. cms1977 says:

    Cranberry juice is better for UTI, not yeast.

    As a women who has had my share of this crap I have learned what works for me…hopefully for you too…

    I take Pro-Biotics everyday. I get mine at Whole Foods but you can also get them at GNC. I also eat a yogurt everyday, which has live cultures like Acidophillus. These two things work better for me than ANY prescription, in fact I have a prescription pill sitting in my kitchen drawer as we speak that I won’t take because the probiotics and yogurt work every time for me.

  3. slickmickeygal says:

    its gross but yogurt “Popsicles”. not to eat mind you. just freeze some plain (no fruit please!!!) yogurt that has active cultures (it will say on the carton) and just put it on up there. the coldness with help with that burning feeling, but there is something with the type of bacteria in yogurt that helps.

    but eating yogurt with active cultures regularly will help as well, and if you tend to get them after your period, make sure you are changing your pad/tampon regularly those last few light days because if you dont the bacteria can just go crazy since your homones are already wacky that time of the month.

    and making sure you wear cotton panties (as opposed to the man made stuff) and dry off completely after showers/workouts/swimming can help prevent them as well.

  4. Anna v says:

    I honestly don’t think there is anything….you need to probably see a doctor.

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