I’ve had a yeats infection for 3.5 years? DAMAGE!?

May 1st, 2011 by Emily

Question: I’ve had a yeats infection for 3.5 years? DAMAGE!?
okay, well ignorance has really killed me this time …

I’m prone to ‘yeasty’ type infections … I had thrush when I was an infant, and then a toddler.

About 3.5 years ago (when I was 11), I was noticing a thick-ish, whitish discharge, but just presumed it was pee, and I had a loose bladder or something. (I know, what a DITZ! … I learned my lesson. But being so young, you don’t presume the worst!)

I have now clued in, and am beginning a treatment for 3 days.
Hopefully, after the 3 days, it will go away, but I am wondering if I’ve done any damage.

please no lectures, I’m already punishing myself.

AND, I’m not sexually active either … just so you know.
lo, I’m not PUNISHING myself. Just ytou know, “GAHH you stupid moron … I can’t believe you didn’t catch on sooner …”

im just jokin’ though. :o )

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Answer by warrior mama
u should be getting your self off to the gynocologist to have an exam,, ruin can be caused from a prolonged infection of any type… i dont think a 3day solution is strong enough,, thats why you should see the doctor. thrush is cause when all the good stuff is gone and leaves the bad behind,, after you have had antibiotics for a flu or something like that,, i get thrush each time i have antibiotics… and i get yeast infections from working out alot…

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5 Comments on “I’ve had a yeats infection for 3.5 years? DAMAGE!?”

  1. Posh says:

    You need to totally get away from wheat and yeast products, do the 7 day cream thing and it will go away. Bread is hard to stay away from but if you do it for 2 mths you will be surprised. After eating just 1 or 2 pieces of bread it “will” come back.

  2. Simply_Be_Patient says:

    No bread. Eat more yogurt and hm, cereal with high fiber.

  3. sabrinaelder says:

    Look, you’re not only once person. There is lot of women do get yeast infections this world. You shouldn’t punishing your self. It will goes away. It’s normal. honey

  4. Rose says:

    Did you actually visit a doctor to get the appropriate treatment? she should have been able to set your mind at rest about damage.
    I must recommend Cranberry juice or dried Cranberries, and drinking lots of water. These both help in keeping away thrush.

  5. sandi says:

    you need to see a doctor before treating yourself – if maynot be a yeast infection at all and just your normal discharge – esp if it has been going on for 3 years+!

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