just curious, can a man get a yeast infection?

July 26th, 2011 by Emily

Question: just curious, can a man get a yeast infection?
I think maybe I only had a yeast infection once in my life, my husband told me that if I get one, then we can’t have sex, because he will get it and it is worst for guys to have it and also the treatment cost more for guys. I am not saying he is wrong,just curious and would like to know, any info will help, thanks

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Answer by anonymous
yes men can get yeast infection but it has cure as far as i heard. search on google for treatment, i do not think it is hopeless.

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2 Comments on “just curious, can a man get a yeast infection?”

  1. PB says:

    Yes they can get it also!!

  2. mommy to be says:

    yes guys can get a yeast infection and if the woman doesn’t know he can give it to her and if she gets treated for it, and has sex with the man that still has the yeast infection she can keep on getting them, i had one and my boyfriend said oh then i got one too he went to a health department and he said that i have a yest infection and we been having sex and he got his medicine which was a cream, going to the health department is cheaper and the medicine is free, also google yeast infection on men it would hel much more to understand.

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