Male Yeast Infection?

March 25th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Male Yeast Infection?
I have notice that i have a bit of a burn from my penis tip, and around the sides around the tip a bit. I also notice when i am erect i have a few whitish bumps on the side of the head, It sometimes burns when i pee, and while just sitting there.

I have drinking allot of caffeine, sugar and consumed a lot of alcohol lately.. I noticed these were signs of causing a yeast infection.

1. Does this sound like a yeast infection?
2. If so, is there anything i can do to cure it? like drink a crap load of water?
3. How much would a cream cost me?
sexual activity. Not at the moment, Three months ago, with a one time stand, then with my ex.

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Answer by masen
Hmm, are you sexually active? You should have added that….

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3 Comments on “Male Yeast Infection?”

  1. Jeff L says:

    that is nothing to mess with dude. go to a doctor tomorrow, if it goes to your nuts you could very well go sterile among other problems.

  2. talkies says:

    Probably yes, but you need confirm your findings by visiting your doctor. Here is an excerpt from the net

    How do we men prevent yeast infection? If you are under medication or using antibiotics do not eat any dairy products, grain (gluten), soy, wheat, eggs, splenda, Trans fats or fructose or any foods that contain yeast. Avoid drinking also breweries such as beer and champagnes. Take slightly a hot sitz bath and include vinegar. This helps to sooth the skin and keeps it free of itching. Restoring the body’s PH balance helps to stop the growth of the yeast. Daily intakes of yogurt also prevents yeastinfection . . Most Yogurt products contain lactobacillus acidophilus. This is exactly what your body needs to produce the “friendly bacterium”. If you don’t like yogurt (as some people have a problem with lactose), then acidophilus pills are your next option. You can get these at any local health food store at minimal cost. So that’s it guys, as always said ‘Prevention is better than cure’ keep your body stay healthy and fit. Please read more information on

  3. Jag älskar min pojkvän! says:

    Possibly. But if you had an external yeast infection of the penile skin, you would have dry flaky itchy skin that would eventually crack upon erection and hurt like hell (or so I’ve read, considering as how I am a woman, but cracked penis skin doesn’t sound like a walk in the park..) Are you circumsized? This actually plays a significant role in yeast control on men.

    If you had sex with a woman who had a yeast infection, or were recently on antibiotics, or are candida sensitive and prone to yeast overgrowth due to alcohol consumption (as I am), or a poor diet, and/or have a reduced immune system for any other reason, then you could have an internal candida overgrowth. With the case of sleeping with an infected woman, the yeast would have infiltrated your urethra and kind of hung out there. In any event, you would be displaying the same symptoms as a female, in this case. You would have symptoms of jock itch, it would be itchy and burning in and around your urethra, and you would have a thick white discharge, too.

    I follow a diet to treat systemic candidiasis, so I visited it’s webpage to find information for you, and one interesting thing to note is that it says the following: “Many men just think they have a penis yeast infection when they see little white bumps on the penis known as Fordyce disease. These spots are completely harmless and are actually sebaceous glands that secrete oils for the protection of the skin. Other men have a condition called Hirsuties papillaris genitalis, (also called pearly penile papules), which is also harmless but can be sensitive at times. These are actually sweat glands or sebaceous glands on the penis as well. Genital warts are also misdiagnosed as yeast and if you use white vinegar for your penis yeast infection it turns them white. More information on white vinegar for treating a penis yeast infection can be found below.” *website:

    As a female, and having suffered from these infection in the past, it CAN burn to urinate if your skin has been ravaged by the yeast overgrowth. But I haven’t read anything about the presence of white bumps before… In any event, YES lots of sugary foods and YES YES YES alcohol consumption can lead to yeast infections, as they feed the overgrowth (or in the case of alcohol, it is fermented by yeast so you are flushing your body with it, and it will destroy the natural balance of good bacteria in your bowels, allow yeast to over grow, enter your blood stream, and spread).

    In any event, go to your doc. A diflucan pill is $4 at Target if you have any kind of insurance. Lotrimin AF is like $6, used to treat athletes foot (fungal infection) but can be used external to treat discomfort on the skin while oral medications are at work. Avoid alcohol and anything sugary for the next week, take some probiotic supplements ($7 at Trader Joe’s, if you have one around), eat a lot of cultured yogurt, blah blah blah ;)

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