male yeast infection?

June 10th, 2014 by Emily

Question: male yeast infection?
how do you cure male yeast infection?

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Answer by bienrad
1. make sure you’re washing your penis properly, warm water only (no soap!) and make sure you are drying the penis head very well bc humidity can cause this
2. some regular anti-biotics and cranberry juice will cure it in 5 days or so

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2 Comments on “male yeast infection?”

  1. Rebecca W says:

    2 be honest I do not believe that males r capable of getting a yeast infection. If u had un protected sex u need to go to your local ER ASAP

  2. Dippy says:

    A yeast infection on guys is usually called “jock itch”. Just get any type of medicine that is marketed for jock itch or even athletes foot, which is basically the same thing, only a different area. Wal-Mart sells a generic “anti-fungal” cream under the name of Equate.

    Also, you’ll want to keep the area dry. I use cornstarch (yes, the kind for cooking) instead of powder. It’s all natural with no perfumes or dyes that may cause irritation to an already sensitive area.

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