Male Yeast Infection?

June 12th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Male Yeast Infection?
My girlfriend had a yeast infection and we had sex without a condom one time about a month ago. Now my penis has a red dry sac, with kind of buring on the tip but not unbareable pain it just uncomfortable. I know its not an std cuz we are apiece others first. I know there are such things as a male yeast infection, are those some symptoms?

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Answer by Connor
The symptoms you have are symptoms. Go to the physician and get on an anti-bacterial cycle. Then don’t have sex for 3 weeks or until you are done with treatment.


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2 Comments on “Male Yeast Infection?”

  1. hflook says:

    go tell your doctor. just because you two are each-others first doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a STD

  2. cirkdone says:

    A yeast infection is very easily passed from one sex partner to the other, in both directions.

    That you had unprotected sex with your girlfriend when she had a yeast infection almost certainly means you have now acquired it, particularly if you are uncircumcised. The warm, dark, moist atmosphere under the foreskin is particularly conducive to yeast growth.

    You need to see a doctor to have the problem assessed. If you do have a yeast infection he can give you a course of anti-fungal treatment. Your girlfriend should also see her doctor to ensure that she too is completely clear. You MUST abstain from sex (even with a condom) until BOTH of you are declared completely free of the infection otherwise you will only succeed in passing it back and forth.

    Incidentally, a yeast infection IS an STD but can also be acquired non-sexually, especially by a female or by an uncircumcised male.

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