mens health question?

March 22nd, 2014 by Emily
mens thrush treatment
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Question: mens health question?
okay so there is something weird with my penis.i try to open it but I cant because it has this sortta small piece of flesh like a line attached to this normal

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Answer by Jeremy
It is called a foreskin and that means you are uncircumcised. How old are you? Perhaps your parents could share more with you about it.


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2 Comments on “mens health question?”

  1. ~~ Jad ~~ says:

    yea that’s normal that called
    an uncut penis

  2. GeoffB says:

    That’s the frenulum (or fraenulum), an attachment under the glans. It should still allow you to slide back your foreskin and it sounds like yours is too tight, or perhaps the opening is. Alternatively you may just not know how it’s supposed to work. Click on the first link to a non-offensive animation of how a foreskin retracts for cleaning.
    If it is tight then you just need to stretch. Others may recommend circumcision but that is ridiculous overkill at this stage. Here’s an extract from my instructions. Click on the second link for the full text.
    If the foreskin is very tight the simplest method is to pull back on the skin (easiest with an erection) so that the opening feels tight and a bit uncomfortable without real pain. Hold that for a few minutes and repeat a few times. Do this a couple of times a day. You will find that soaking in a warm bath will make the skin softer and easier to stretch.
    The major disadvantage with this method occurs when some stretching has been achieved or if the phimosis was mild to begin with. Once the opening is big enough to just fit over the rim of the glans when erect the foreskin is at risk of getting stuck behind it. If this happens a condition know as paraphimosis may develop.
    This is why stretching technique two is probably better once the foreskin opening is big enough to make it almost possible to slide the foreskin back over the glans.

    If the opening becomes sore, or develops splits, stop for a few days and let things heal up. Going at it too fast will only slow things down in the end. Sometimes splits and tightness are due to a fungal or yeast (thrush) infection. Treatment with an antifungal / anti-yeast cream designed for women’s genitals will usually fix this problem. I’ve also seen reports of success with a Hydrocortisone / anti-fungicide mix like “Fungocort”.

    Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin gets stuck behind the glans of an erect penis, trapping the blood that causes the erection in the glans and causing swelling of the foreskin itself. If the foreskin becomes stuck squeeze the head of the penis firmly to force the blood out and try and ease the foreskin forward. Perhaps soaking in the bath or using an oil-based lotion will make this easier. If after many tries you still can’t do this see a doctor or go to a hospital emergency room fast. This is not a common problem but you should be warned of the danger.

    The second stretching technique can be best illustrated by this photograph You can either grab each side of the foreskin opening and gently pull on each side of the opening, as shown in the photograph or, even better, insert the ends of two fingers, even the little fingers and pull them gently apart. Stretch the opening in this way until it feels uncomfortably stretched but not actually painful. Hold and repeat as for method one. Once again this is best done after soaking in a warm bath.

    As you stretch and are able to expose more of the glans you may find that it is very sensitive or even painful to touch. You will find it less painful the more you expose and use it and gradually the over-sensitivity will lessen, until all you feel is pleasure. A gentle way to start touching the head is by using the shower spray. Also use water-based lubricant when touching the head directly and this should be more comfortable.”

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