MI 8 weeks baby? white spots on the sides of your GUMS? qu? is this?

October 17th, 2013 by Emily

Question: MI 8 weeks baby? white spots on the sides of your GUMS? qu? is this I’ve noticed some small white hard spots you on the side of the gums? ace my 8 week old daughter of my son did not have this and I have no theory what could? become. . ? Anyone know? Greatest answer:

teeth? The baby? S teeth as pronto.Si can not teeth might be thrush. “Candidiasis is an opportunistic infection that looks and sounds much worse than it is. Though sometimes painful, the s? Symptom m? s com? n is for a kid to have coating or white patches inside your mouth. You can see these patches on the inside of the cheeks, tongue, roof of the mouth and lips and the gums days and at that spreads. “m I see the doctor of your baby? so they can state either way.

? Qu? do you think? Answer below! [Viewing? N ReviewAZON = query "SearchQuery" = "thrush s? Child symptoms" count = category? To "5" = p? Gina "All" = "1" sort = "default"]

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10 Comments on “MI 8 weeks baby? white spots on the sides of your GUMS? qu? is this?”

  1. hrhcara says:

    Could be thrush. Call the doc.

  2. Real disney princess ! says:

    my daughter started at 8 weeks
    apply aston and parsons before bed

  3. jim b says:

    Probably Thrush. Not serious, call pediatrician.

  4. kidmindi says:

    This sounds like thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection in the baby’s mouth. You need to call her Dr and get her some meds. If you are breastfeeding, you will have to treat your nipples as well.

    It is not as scary a it sounds. A couple of my kids have gotten it.

  5. The Best Wife & Mommy of 2! says:

    It could be early signs of thrush you need to let your baby drink water to rinse his gums or wipe his gums with a damp rag after feeding try it for a while see if it goes away if not you may need to contact your pediatrician for treatment.

  6. utterbashment says:

    Sounds like thrush! Try wiping it gently with a wet, soft washcloth and if it doesn’t come off contact your doc and he will prescribe nystatin to remove the thrush.

  7. Kadence's Mommy‚ô• says:

    i agree with everyone else, could be thrush… take her to the doctor and then you will know for sure

  8. A. Pearl says:

    could be thrush. i would get it checked soon, because it can grow fast. does your baby gave a bit of a diaper rash on her bottom? if so then call doc asap baby needs medicine to cure both.

  9. baby girl born october 14th 08! says:

    mine is 5 weeks old and has 2 white lumps where teeth normally come thorugh. i thought they might hav been teeth starting to come thorugh but took her to docotrs and he said its not teeth its not thrush but they are little cysts that are quite common in babies and normally go away on their own by gradual wear down from feeding etc…he told me to put teething gel on them if they aggravate my baby

    but go to doc cos it can be a number of things – tooth, thrush or little cyst like mine or other things.. x

  10. sdc_99 says:

    It’s randomly possible that they’re teeth, but more likely they’re nursing blisters. Harmless, and will go away on their own.

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