Mouth yeast infection?

January 22nd, 2012 by Emily

Question: Mouth yeast infection?
So I got my tongue pierced about 2 months ago, when I got it done the piercer stated that you can get yeast infections in your mouth sometimes, because you just had a mouth tama or something. Well turns out I do, I got a perscripsion, and took that, but it still won’t go away. Any ideas?

Oh and how easily does this spread :/?

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Answer by elayne y
plain natural yogurt and LOTS of it!salt water mouth rinse might help too!

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4 Comments on “Mouth yeast infection?”

  1. TheCoolestNerd says:

    That’s strange the only time I’ve heard of something like that is if it’s systemic, or opportunistic. Maybe you have an underlying infection that’s lowering your immune system? was the prescription anti-biotic? If not, I would suggest asking your doctor about some, because if it’s systemic (meaning in multiple areas of your body, not always visible btw) it will treat it, and if your more susceptible due to another bacterial affliction, it will kill that too.

    Good Luck!

    PS: I would not be kissing anyone for a while!

  2. rak says:

    What was your prescription? Fluconazole? Itraconazole? If so, it could be resistant. The best choice is oral nystatin. It is a sweet tasting liquid that treats right at the site instead of messing with your other normal body flora. You do need a prescription for it. If you were on nystatin already and it didn’t work for you, then you have a very rare case of thrush. In all my years as a microbiologist, I have never seen nystatin NOT work for an otherwise healthy individual.

    Don’t worry about passing it on when kissing, sharing drinks, etc. A little yeast is normal in everyone’s mouth. Even if they are exposed to your yeast, they still have other normal mouth bacteria like Neisseria, Strep, Staph, etc. which would protect them from becoming overrun with oral yeast you have. Of course I wouldn’t go around licking everything. :)

    Good luck and take care!

  3. chupalupa says:

    Try rinsing your mouth with vinegar after you brush. The acids in the vinegar are known to destroy yeast.

  4. superman71 says:

    most dr’s prescribe nystatin liquid to swish and swallow for this. don’t know what the dr prescribed but if that was what it was and it didn’t help you need to go back and get some diflucan and see if that helps

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