My 4 week old has thrush what causes it?

September 16th, 2012 by Emily
thrush causes
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Question: My 4 week old has thrush what causes it?
My 4 week old has thrush what causes that and what gets rid of it anything will help
Does it injured them? He seems likes hes a tiny crabby since we discovered it. I haven’t done it and will not do it but is it true that if you use a wet diaper on their mouth it will take it away also? The way i feel about my children is Would i want it done to me?

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Answer by Moon
Yeast is a normal part of everyone’s digestive system, but when there’s an imbalance, an infection sets in. Most infants first come in contact with yeast as they travel down the birth canal. Thrush can develop when hormonal changes right after birth trigger an overgrowth of yeast in your baby’s mouth.

After your baby is born, antibiotics taken by you (if you’re breastfeeding) or your baby can trigger a case of thrush. That’s because antibiotics kill off “good” bacteria that keep yeast in check.

Some mothers and babies pass the infection back and forth: Your baby can pass thrush on to you if you’re breastfeeding, resulting in a painful yeast infection on your nipples that will need a doctor’s treatment. And you can trigger a case of thrush in your baby if you’re breastfeeding and you develop a yeast infection on your nipples from taking antibiotics. On the other hand, some mothers remain uninfected even while breastfeeding babies who have thrush — and some breastfed babies are not affected by their mother’s yeast infection.

Some people think thrush can also be caused by prolonged sucking on a bottle or pacifier. Others think poor hygiene of bottle nipples is to blame. But infants who breastfeed exclusively and don’t use pacifiers can also get it, so it’s hard to pinpoint any one cause. Some babies (and some moms) are simply more susceptible than others to yeast.

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2 Comments on “My 4 week old has thrush what causes it?”

  1. Brenda L says:

    Yeast. Try getting some gentian violet for 2 times a day until it is gone. You can get at any drug store over the counter. Take a q tip and use a small amount and swab the inside of mouth were infected. It will turn the mouth purple and is not made for swallowing but can be swallowed in a small amount when applied. it will stain clothes so use a old bib.

  2. Tania H says:

    Candida albicans typically, a fungus

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