My baby boy has a yeast infection rash?

April 5th, 2014 by Emily

Question: My baby boy has a yeast infection rash?
could it be? My baby never had a rash since he was born and now that he is one he’s got one for a couple of days. I’ve try desitin but it’s not working very good…. he’s got redness and a bunch of small tiny bumps like insect bites right on hius buddy….could this be what they call a baby boy yeast infection???? or not???? and how can i treat it???


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Answer by Jillian
yes it does sound like that- you can use some nystatin

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5 Comments on “My baby boy has a yeast infection rash?”

  1. Beth M says:

    You should ask a doctor.That would be the best choice.

  2. Janet says:

    It does sound like a yeast infection. My son had one when he was a baby and the doctor recommended Lotrimin AF.

  3. *♥hee hee i love a soldier♥* says:

    yea that’s what it is…
    my baby cousin has one…
    don’t put lotion on it though…
    put baby powder on it…
    lotion and creams will make it really moist which it doesn’t need to be…
    keep it dry and apply baby powder ever five hours…
    hope i helped…

  4. Super Nanny says:

    try balmex its an antifungal ..destine isnt a & d isnt
    If he does have thrush his mouth will have white patches ..then you need a doctor to give you nystatin

  5. mimi says:

    baby powder

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