My Baby? has thrush in the mouth, the m? doctor gave nystatin fact, diflucan and gentian violet?

October 7th, 2012 by Emily
thrush baby? mouth by nottsexminer

question :? My Baby? has thrush in the mouth of the m? physician gave Violet fact nystatin, diflucan and gentian disappear for a while and come back no s? What? do, keep your bottles sterilized and have led to the dr several times not s? What? do next? n.Mejor response: Make

Answer? sure to purchase new nipples when you get rid of it because sterilization is not always enough. I had to throw all m? Or 3 times away and purchase new ones while struggling with my youngest son.

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4 Comments on “My Baby? has thrush in the mouth, the m? doctor gave nystatin fact, diflucan and gentian violet?”

  1. Meghan_Grace says:

    my daughter had thrush for the longest..I just boiled all her nipples and pacifiers every night and made sure to finish all the medication, even when it looked like the thrush had went away

  2. Becca R says:

    Finish the medicine!!! I had thrush as an adult after a tonsillectomy and it just kept coming back and coming back and coming back until i fisnished all the medicine exactly as prescribed. Good luck!

  3. kiaya126 says:

    Doctors always forget to tell the parents to take a cue-tip to rub the medicine into their cheeks, tongue and mouth. How old is your child? If they are old enough to have food- baby food that is- try yogurt(with active cultures) Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth- use the medication for a few days even after it has cleared up to make sure its totally gone but make sure you are rubbing it into his cheeks with a cue-tip or it will not work

  4. Anthony T says:

    My doctor laughed at me when I told him I melted all the bottles sterilizing them. Lucky I didn’t burn down the house. He said it didn’t need to be done.

    I copied this from elsewhere:
    Treating oral thrush in infants and nursing mothers
    If you’re breast-feeding an infant who has oral thrush, you and your baby will do best if you’re both treated. Otherwise, you’re likely to pass the infection back and forth. Your doctor may prescribe a mild antifungal medication for your baby and an antifungal cream for your breasts. If your baby uses a pacifier or feeds from a bottle, wash and rinse nipples and pacifiers in a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water every day until the thrush clears up.

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