My cat recently died. Finally I like? To get another. “C” mo I go and will this be a problem?

December 4th, 2010 by Emily

Question: My cat recently died. Eventually I like? To get another. “C” mo I go and will this be a problem? My cat recently and suddenly died?. It was a shock, because it appeared? absolutely healthy. Finally, once things calm down, I like it? To get another cat. Like us? To adopt. We can wage excellent references from our vet, family and friends. However, in our? Last city (we are military) that we have adopted a cat from a shelter. Hab? To sneeze a few times as they were filling out papers and dirt that room? To their o? Two, and cri?. We have said? To allergies and hab? A earmites recently passed and the world is? a tiny bit more s. Clean the ears and it is suggested that you purchase a humidifier to relieve their allergies. Purchase humidifiers and prefabricated an appointment for next week to get out and introduced the vet himself (standard for us.) Before the appointment, even arrived? the last cat sneezes of a severe cough, the pirates? a. We took before our appointment, where he was diagnosed with feline herpes and infection? No severe yeast or both? Two->? He gave us the paperwork to bring the booth to let them know our cat had just been diagnosed with a extremely contagious disease and the other cats had with her were at risk and should be tested immediately. He stated the homes will? To have seen the s? Symptoms h? Packaging: How before the adoption, use, and that the feline herpes can not be cured, and she always room? To her if she is contagious? having an outbreak. My husband and I do not have? A problem paying the vet bills, etc and accepted? as part of pet ownership, so they do not really think anything of it. Tom? the tr? limits to the shelter, but they stated I was lying, and finally went out themanager? and start? screaming, saying I’m trying to create problems. I began to mourn the shock and shame. Before I left they told me to be? For sure I never was ready to adopt again. This really struck me? and our vet as well we take care of our animals. Our vet told us that one of his best due? You pet, and did not know? To why? reaction? that way.? Being? a problem? Even if supi? branches in advance about the condition? n who will be staying at are likely to adopt? anyway. She picked us up like that? and is a sweet cat. S? We are concerned that the other shelter be? a problem in our APPLICATION? n. No s? why? was so bad about? l. I was not asked to reimburse us or take the cat. S? It treated? give them the paperwork and tell them what our veterinarian said. (yet? to have this cat, of course) Greatest answer: Wed Reply by tobylove4
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7 Comments on “My cat recently died. Finally I like? To get another. “C” mo I go and will this be a problem?”

  1. willow says:

    ask if you can have your vet check explain about last cat,and how it upset you,if good shelter they will be pleased you will do and care

  2. Christina says:

    definitley adopt again, but ask around first, find some friends who have adopted and chose someone they know and trust. if that’s not an option, try to find a privately run shelter as opposed to a city or county shelter- the private ones usually care more about their animals and are actually picky about who adopts them- so you know your new pet will be healthy

  3. zmamasita says:

    I would also recommend adoption. I’ve always used the shelter or SPCA and have had the best of luck with really genuinely sweet kittys.

    It’s common for cats and dogs to catch colds in the shelter, because of the large number of animals in close proximity to each other. However the herpes and yeast infection does sound like a bit of bad luck…

    Make sure to check out the cat before you adopt & ask to see its medical records. Keep in mind the good you’re doing by saving an animal’s life!

  4. CTU says:

    Same happened to me last year, I adopted a 6 month cat at the humane society. She was sick and they told me she just had a cold and it would pass. Turned out she has Feline Herpes Virus. In July of this year I adopted another cat, they told me she was 1 year and 2 months old but she looks more like she’s 3 or 4. Her ears were full of ear wax and mites plus she was starting an URI so my 2 other cats caught it. Lots of vet bills!!. I had alot of trouble getting rid of the mites. But, I love them so much, I would’nt give them for the world. I wanted them and I got them sick or not! I don’t think you would have a problem with your vet reference. Good luck!

  5. Ken says:


    what a great person you are and what a horrible shelter that was. you actually needed toi go further by reporing the shelter not even because of how they mistreated you but because of how they should have known these symptoms and didn’t care that they were putting all these animals at risk.
    i think because you have still have this cat, you may want to consider adopting other cats that also have the same condition. you would be a godsend and i cannot see any shelter turning you down as these cats do not get adopted too often. even if you were to adopt a ‘healthy’ cat, i cannot imagine the shelters records went anywhere beyond the shelter.
    best to you

  6. Judy W says:

    I think you should find out which state agency oversees this shelter and send them the vets paperwork. I can understand them being defencive but there is more a stake than just your cat, The other cats that may be sick. There other families that may not have the financial resources you have . The shelter should be made to to adhere to basic sanitary practises that are require of state approved shelters.

  7. cat lover says:

    The shelter seems to be somewhat unethical. Under most State laws, you have the right to expect to receive a healthy pet. The shelter responded poorly, in my opinion. Illnesses happen, so I am wondering why they were so defensive.

    I have posted a link that may provide you with sources of cats that you have not considered, and they may be more reasonable in their approaches.

    But for any pet you adopt, you immediately want a second opinion from your vet. It protects you and protects your pet.

    Almost any pet you adopt may have worms, ear mites, and perhaps fleas. Those will be treated to varying degrees, somewhat depending on the resources of the shelter, and the adoption costs. A $25 fee will not get you an animal that has had $125 worth of vet care. But you still have the right to expect your adopted pet will be healthy, and not dangerously ill.

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