My First son is 12 days old and has thrush! What can i do for him here at home until insurance kicks in?

January 22nd, 2013 by Emily

Question: My First son is 12 days old and has thrush! What can i do for him here at home until insurance kicks in?
Very worried about tiny D. even though he isn’t showing signs of discomfort, I want to take care of this ASAP. My Medical insurance does not add him on for another month and I don’t want to move that long to take care of this. Is there any home cure that can help my 12 day old son?

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Answer by lividuva
You can purchase oral thrush solutions and nappy/diaper area thrush creams from the pharmarcy. These are not overly expensive, pop in and ask they should be ready to help. You shouldnt need insurance for that

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10 Comments on “My First son is 12 days old and has thrush! What can i do for him here at home until insurance kicks in?”

  1. Quite New Here says:

    Go to your GP or gynecologist and ask to be treated for yourself. No doctor will not treat your baby too.
    It is usually treating both mom and child that works the best.
    Get in touch with La leche;
    Read up what they say about thrush in a baby .

  2. cathy says:

    Make sure you boil everything (then cool) that goes in his mouth. Bottles, passies, nipples from his bottles.

  3. shaichele says:

    Listen up all new moms…….works quicker, better and it doesn’t cost a thing. When the child tinkles, take the diaper and wipe it over the baby’s tongue. Urine is also excellent for preventing ring-worms, but if you’re lazy and let it spread too far…….shame on you. New mom’s take a moment and listen to your great grand mother……yes, great grand-mothers because grand-mothers these days are what, 25/30 years old, they know absolutely nothing. You may need to go a step further and talk to your great-great grand mother.

  4. zil28ennov says:

    Thrush can spread through the baby’s body. If it does that he will be in a lot of discomfort. Stop being so stingy and take your son to the doctor now.

  5. blum19 says:

    The easiest to do :

    a) buy Gentian Violet; use cotton swabs to apply over the thrush; dont get upset because of the colour; it will pass off;

    b) ensure you are breast feeding

    c) check if you have candidiasis and get it treated

    d) start the baby on infant multivitamin drops.

    Your child will be fine.

  6. babygirlnc says:

    Please do not put pee in your baby’s mouth! Your insurance should have started covering him from day 1, especially if you are covered. But…take him to the health department. They will give him a prescription for nystatin liquid, which you will dab on a q-tip and swab his mouth with 4 times a day. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll apply it to your nipples, too. If not, make sure you boil all nipples and passies well to kill the fungus. There really isn’t an over-the-counter remedy that works for a fungus in the mouth, and I definitely wouldn’t try anything like that on a 12 day old. The health dept. will see him for free or on a sliding scale and that way you can make sure he’s properly taken care of. I would double-check with your human resources about his insurance also.

  7. Ella727 says:

    take a wash cloth and wet it in warm water. Put the wash cloth over your index finger and clean the baby’s mouth after every bottle. That should get you through until you see a doc. Make sure to clean the tongue as well but be careful because you don’t want the baby to gag and throw up.

  8. shari w says:

    If your baby has thrush then you do too if you are breastfeeding. Go to your OB and tell him the situation, he basically has to treat both of you because you can keep passing it back and forth. It’s kinda hard for mom’s to tell if they have yeast so assume you do since baby does.

  9. Danielle says:

    I dont know any cures but you def. need to start cleaning everything really well. Boil his bottles and nipples every so often, and in between each feeding make sure you wash everything with hot, soapy water.

  10. SASSY says:

    I cant believe your babies health revolves around when your health insurance kicks in. Take your baby to a Dr. and deal with the bills when they come in. You now have someone in your life who looks to you for help and protection. GROW UP!

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