My girlfriend and I have been having alot of sex and she is getting yeast infections what causes this?

September 9th, 2011 by Emily

Question: My girlfriend and I have been having a lot of sex and she is getting yeast infections what causes this?
We have a lot sex on the weekends, we are clean an I get off in her everytime cause she has an IUD, but she keeps getting these yeast infections yes we are very clean we wash after each session what could be causing this??????

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Answer by Bailey
Cleaning wouldn’t be enough to get rid of a yeast infection.

You both must take medication for it to go away, otherwise you will just keep re-infecting her whenever you have sex (no matter how much you wash).

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9 Comments on “My girlfriend and I have been having alot of sex and she is getting yeast infections what causes this?”

  1. r b says:

    More than likely YOU have the same infection and exhibit no symptoms. Therefore, she treats herself, gets over it and YOU re-infect her.

  2. Lore says:

    Sometimes the position can affect the chances of getting a yeast infection. Change positions. :) And tell her to eat yogurt……it’ll help lessen the chance of one.

  3. that hot chick says:

    This was happening to me and my boyfriend and the doctor said that my boyfriend was carrying the yeast and giving it back to me after I clear it up. The doctor treated my boyfriend and we didnt have that problem anymore

  4. bisexual_beauty says:

    you BOTH need to be treated for a yeast infection, because more than likely she is gettting rid of it, and you are giving it right back to her…

  5. melon_rose says:

    honestly, there isn’t nearly enough information here.

    are you sure they’re yeast infections specifically? how do you know?
    how frequent are they?
    has she seen a doctor?
    has she been treated?
    have you seen a doctor? (the others are right; you could be re-infecting her)

    please do yourselves (esp. her) a favor and see a doctor. if she’s having recurrant yeast infections she needs to be proactive and take preventative measures rather than dealing with the infection after the fact. one reason this is so important is that yeast can become resistant to treatments over time, and the treatments can stop being effective. another reason is that many women who don’t see a doctor mis-diagnose themselves as having yeast infections in the first place… and buy a drugstore yeast treatment to fight something that isn’t there…. which leads to the aforementioned problem, among others.

    some preventative measures would include:
    reducing her sugar intake, including fruit (yeast feed on sugar)
    using condoms, so as not to upset the “flora” of the vagina

    please… just see a doctor. :)

    oh, and 1 more thing — believe it or not, *over* cleansing of the vagina can do more harm than good (again, b/c it can disrupt the natural “flora” of the vagina, and allow yeast to overmultiply). your gf shouldn’t scrub or use any exfoliating products there, nor anything harsh or perfumed. and she shouldn’t be cleansing so frequently that it dries her out or irritates the area.

  6. mlgable says:

    You both need to go see a doc and get checked and treated. You may have one with no symptoms and may be passing it back and forth to her. Also remind her not to douche and not to use soap in the vaginal area as the vagina is a self cleaing oriface. She should also make sure her underwear is 100% cotton. She needs to eat lot of yogurt with live active cultures or take acidophillus capsules daily.

  7. Chance S says:

    I would take a pause on the sex till you are both on a medication for treating it. Cleaning won’t cure but wont hurt either. Yogurt is a great add to the medication, a bacterial fighter…the more the better no more than three little cups from Kroger/walmart etc… Her wearing tight pants or tight thick underwear can trap to much heat and cause an oven effect in her pants and now she has bread on the way. Sorry for the humor…but aim for looser clothing for a bit, shorts are best to give some cooler air to her….yeah….and kill the hit… Good luck

  8. Michelle says:

    Are you sure what she has is a yeast infection? I suggest you both get an STD screening from a doctor to be sure it is a yeast infection.

    If it is, yeast is actually a systemic disorder caused by a com[romised immune system and intestinal flora being out of balance. There are medicines available for short term relief but withous lifestyle intervention the infections will reoccur.

    Your girlfriend should also be tested for diabetes, as reoccurring years infections may be a symptom of diabetes.

    All other medical problems being eliminated, she will need to eliinate sugar, alcohol, yeast, dairy and all simple carbs from her diet for a period of time for the body to nonrmalize. During that time she whould take psyllium hulls to clear the colon, garlic to strengthen the immune system and acidophilous to restore the healthy intestinal flora. Most yogourt based products marketed for the purpose of digestive health are actually not a good alternative to acidophilous supplements because of their high sugar content.

    There are many books available on this subject and your local health food store or whole foods market will have supplements formulated specificaly for yeast infections. But this is a good start.

  9. simon g says:

    Its caused by bacteria.(Naturally present)More commonly known as Thrush.Get some tablets off the doctor,treat both of you for it and keep on banging once your clear!

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