My mother has a severe yeast skin rash covering about 70% of her body. He doctor prescribed for her?

November 9th, 2010 by Emily

Question: My mother has a severe yeast skin rash covering about 70% of her body. He physician prescribed for her?
a anti-fungal cream along with a steriod cream. He stated it should clear up in two weeks. It has been two weeks and it is actually worse. She has an appointment with him this morning, but my concern is this a symtom of a more serious problem?

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Answer by hotbutter
your mother should get her blood and urine analyzed

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5 Comments on “My mother has a severe yeast skin rash covering about 70% of her body. He doctor prescribed for her?”

  1. Mu says:

    itching cream will do the trick

  2. norton g says:

    Yeast infections do not usually cover so much of the body. Maybe it’s a fungus like Tinea which causes ringworm which can cover large areas of skin. If so, the proper strength anti-fungal cream works but often takes several weeks, not just two weeks till it heals. It’s good that your mom is seeing her doctor again today. At his time, don’t worry about anything more serious.

  3. seashell says:

    I agree she should get her blood drone. Also you should go get her some acidophilus. This is a something that helps kill Yeast. You should always take this with any antibiotic. Or whenever you get a yeast infection. Maybe she should go see a skin Dr. This might be more helpful for her. Best of luck

  4. Stephanie says:

    I would get a bottle of braggs vinegar (the only kind for this bought at health food store) then get some thick paper towels and rip them into the squares, put them in a cake pan and then pour the vinegar over the towels until just covered …. then I would put them on your moms body and let the moisture drench her yeast.

    Do this for as long as she can stand it, every other day without missing a day until its is gone. It would also help if she would mix a tsp of the vinegar with some water and drink it. I usually swig mine down and then chase it with a little water. She should do this before each meal.

    Inbetween vinegar days I would get some vics vapo rub and layer it on the yeast at night before bed and cover with pjs. DO NOT stick infected hands or fingers in the vapo rub to get more for her skin.

  5. blessed1 says:

    My Dad just went through a very similar thing. It was awful, my Mom tried changing washing detergents and everything. It could be many things. Has she recently started taking any new meds or herbal supplements, started using a new laundry detergent, or bath soap? My Dad had to go through several bottles of steroids before it finally cleared up.

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