Natural Cures thrush ….?

September 28th, 2011 by Emily

Question: thrush natural cures ….? ok so if you’ve read any of my messages I’m trying proir’s son had oral thrush and I have it on my nipples I’m not sure but I think “ma diflucan allergic to investigate the side effects of this medication during breastfeeding I learned that I do not take b / c I’ve had bad reations and I mean BAD for monistat and Vagisil in the past I have not had problems with overgrowth yeast than this in the years that you feel is in my milk ducts very painful gentian violet baby mouth cleared well, but I’m still dying I’m taking the precautions to be very hygeinc etc what else I can do to get rid of this fear and lotramin nystatin also because of my past. ugh … sorry this is so long! oh by the way I am taking acidophilus and garlic this clear up or do I have to make another trip to the doctor?? ?????????? It was my physician when I had an allergic reaction so prescribed this medication AYUDAEstoy intake yogurt …… I’m also inactivity Resu, ts too fast or they will come in time ? Greatest answer:

Reply by Carol Anne
painted my nipples with gentian violet for a few days.

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2 Comments on “Natural Cures thrush ….?”

  1. fretochose says:

    the natural controller of thrush are the probiotics( L-acidophilous, bifidus, and others) buy at a health food store from the refrigerated section only. Make a paste in a teaspoon (open capsule…small amount of milk or water..mix) and apply topically. take orally also 3tx daily..naturally occurs in your gut but you and your son are deficient…can’t harm either of you.

  2. lmvenning says:

    They can give oral Nystatin – I’m not sure, but I don’t think it has the same type of allergy production as the other traditional yeast meds. It’s just like the topical they give for yeast infections in infants. It doesn’t taste very nice, but you swish for 30 seconds and swallow. I think it’s about a 10 day round.

    However, before I got treated (I had it on my nipples and in my mouth) and my son was already on treatment, I used a solution of white vinegar and water (1 part vinegar, 3 parts water) swished several times a day and also cleaned my nipples with it on a cottonball. It probably would have helped in the long run, but my nipples were hurting so badly that I just couldn’t wait any longer.

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