Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection?

February 10th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection?
My b/f and I have been playing this fun game of “pass the yeast infection” I’ve been doing the over the counter treatment and he’s been doing a similar regiem of putting Monistat (which we lovingly call Manistat) on the head of his penis etc. I recently read about a natural cure for curing a female yeast infection which was inserting Garlic into the Vagina, worked magically as disgusting as it sounds and is cheaper than spending the 17 bucks on Monistat. He is uncircumsized (love it) and the cleanest man I’ve ever met. Soaking his member in vinigar and putting Monistat on it seems to clear up the infection, but after a month we seem to be back at square one with me running to the pharmacy and both of us sitting with an uncomfortable burn! I’ve heard there is an oral medication to cure this issue, but due to some sort of heart condition B/F can’t take it… any natural remedies I haven’t tried yet?? I mean the Garlic works astonishing for me, but I can’t envision where he’d shove it LoL! We try to be as clean as doable as we have sex on average about 4 times EVERY night so pre-bed showers always come into play. We are oober clean, I don’t douch I only use a mild “lady bits” soap on the outer parts of the vagina. I do use birth control which I’ve heard can cause Yeast issues. Any sugestions are welcome!!

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Answer by trebla_5
I think it’s doable that both of you are being a shade hyper-vigilant with hygiene (important though it is!). And it sounds like you’re just constantly passing a yeast infection from one mortal to the other.

For both of you, perhaps the soap might be partly the cause. Some soaps are just too strong to be used on such sensitive tissues and can cause irritation, dryness, redness, soreness, and yes even yeast infections. Use an unscented mild soap or no soap at all even, that might help.

For him, just pulling back his foreskin when he showers is enough. When he’s done, he should dry the area under his foreskin gently before returning his foreskin back over the glans (penis head). It could also help if he pulls back his foreskin when he urinates, to prevent urine from remaining under his foreskin (which doesn’t help with the yeast infection).

For both of you, intake yogurt and drinking cranberry juice can help. Exercise and a balanced diet are also important in helping your bodies keep yeast infections in check. Also, you might be having sex too much too soon. 4x a day is fine, but 4x a night each night is nearly just asking for trouble. And he should use a condom each time until the yeast infection clears in both of you.

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2 Comments on “Natural Remedies for Male Yeast Infection?”

  1. e w says:

    Don’t have sex without a condom until both of your yeast infections have cleared up.

    Sometimes, putting yogurt on the penis can resolve a minor yeast infection for a male. The acidophilus bacteria in yogurt are friendly bacteria, which help to restore the natural balance of friendly/harmful bacteria.

    But until you abstain from unprotected sex, you will probably continue to pass the infection back and forth indefinitely.

  2. Alice says:

    Hey I understand what you mean.
    Monistat didn’t work for me.. my doctor prescribed me meds and it made even worst!
    Despite when it manage to heal, the yeast infection will come back again (means it’s not fully cured).
    I realized the only real cure for Yeast infection is doing the natural way so it won’t come back again!

    This website on Yeast Infection will help you. I had a Yeast Infection a few weeks back and that website gave many good details. I got the book and it helped me cure my Yeast Infection within 10 hours without the use of drugs!

    It was featured in the Oprah show before! Oprah Winfrey praised the product and was featured in her book club!

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