Natural remedies for yeast infection?

March 21st, 2014 by Emily
candida yeast infection remedies
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Question: Natural remedies for yeast infection?
Hi, I’m looking for some sort of natural remedies for yeast infections.

I’ve tried a lot of over the counter products which don’t really seem to work very effectively and I’ve heard that natural remedies can be very effective in preventing yeast infections.



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Answer by Irie Pirate
A lot of things can cause a yeast infection. Medications you take can have an effect as well as a candida yeast over growth.

A good thing to do is get a PLAIN Greek yogurt and take one of the Monistat syringe thingies and place some up there. The yogurt will equilibrium out the pH in the vagina.

Everyone gets yeast infections from time to time, even men, (even though it’s rare). I think a good way to prevent them from happening often is to drink Alkaline water. Diseases can't thrive in a body that has a mainly alkaline pH, so that will absolutely equilibrium out. Bodies that are highly acidic have a higher chance of getting cancer, get sick more easily, etc.

Get some urine pH strips at your local pharmacy and check your levels.
If you have too much acid, stay away from citrus-y foods like lemons, oranges, etc.

Good luck!

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One Comment on “Natural remedies for yeast infection?”

  1. Glitters says:


    here are the tips where you can naturally get rid of your yeast infection

    > drink lots of water – as it washes all the bacteria and toxins in the body
    > Avoid eating too much sweets – Candida Albicans which is the main bacteria for yeast infection feeds on glucose (sugar) having to much glucose in your system just making it worst
    > Avoid stress – stress plays a big role for having infection amongst women. as it weakens our fighting good bacteria and letting opportunistic bacteria take over.
    > No to strong scented vaginal wash – strong scented wash can aggravate the condition more. as it washes away good bacteria and removing the PH balance of your vaginal area.
    > Wash with water only – it is always best to clean our genitals in a natural way.
    > No to strong scented sanitary pads
    > too much and less – poor hygiene and too much washing can cause yeast infection so you may want to do it in a balanced way.
    > Yogurt – yogurt contains good microorganisms to treat yeast infection naturally. use plain white non-flavored yogurt. dip a tampon on a night time and leave it inside until the morning. this will help you eliminate it gradually.

    it is always best to consult medical advice for this as they know how to treat this directly and they would give you more precise advice.

    I hope this helps!

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