Natural Remedy or Cure for Oral Thrush?

June 8th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Natural Remedy or Cure for Oral Thrush?
I have had oral thrush for 2 days now. It is at ealy stage but enough to drive me nuts, cause a lot of pain, and make it difficult to consume or drink anything. It’s on my tongue and back of my throat. I’m going to the physician tomorrow. Was hoping that someone might know of a natural cure for oral thrush. I started taking Acidophilus pills this morning when I realized what I had, been intake yogurt, gargling and rinsing with salt water. So I have 2 questions: Does anyone know of a natural cure for this thing? Does anyone know how long after getting treatment if needed, would the oral thrush go away? I have 3 more days of this antibiotic which is causing the oral thrush. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by sa_nosaj
Drink something acidic like fruit juices. Keep intake yogurt to help replenish your oral flora.

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2 Comments on “Natural Remedy or Cure for Oral Thrush?”

  1. I'm not that smart. says:

    Gargle vitamin c with citrus-bioflavonoids and rutin dissolved in water, then eat a no sugar added yogurt.

    Sugar in the yogurts feed the yeast-thrush and can make it worse. Hold the unsweetened yogurt with live cultures in the mouth for 30 second or so. It should normally take that long or more to chew for digestive reasons anyway, despite yogurt being only a semi-solid food.

    Tea tree oil kills yeast, bacteria and particularly fungus, but I’ve seen Vitamin C dissolved as more effective, and I think it doesn’t taste as bad. You can also rub Vitamin C on your tooth brush and scrub the thrush off the tongue with it which is quite effective for most cases I’ve seen.

    God bless.

  2. smurf says:

    mix some maalox and benadryl together. is called magic mouthwash. but, all it will do is make your mouth numb so you can swalllow and keep eating. your doctor will give you some nistatin to swish and swallow. its the only thing that will kill whats causing your thrush. is like a yeast infection in your mouth! ew!

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