Natural way to treat yeast infection (skin) in dogs?

October 8th, 2012 by Emily
yeast infection skin
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Question: Natural way to treat yeast infection (skin) in dogs?
I groomed a dog the other day at my all natural spa and the dog had some yeast infection sores down her back. I bathed her in a tea tree oil shampoo but I was wondering if you can place tea tree oil directly on the sores to kill the infection or is there another solution without putting the dog on antibiotics at the vet?

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5 Comments on “Natural way to treat yeast infection (skin) in dogs?”

  1. FidosCityGuide says:

    Vinegar is also good. You do not want to apply tea tree old directly to the skin, it is too strong and will burn.

    Try vinegar and water mix to rinse the dog, it will help with the itching and help with the yeast infection.

  2. imaginarynumber says:

    might help

    Tea tree oil on its own should help to kill the itchiness and then look at something like bitter yuck if it is an area that gets licked. Aloe gel might be the best option- cooling and soothing

    In the USA Naturvet offers a money back if you aren’t happy- you have nothing to lose :)

  3. Hummingbird says:

    try plain natural cultured yogurt. just feed it to her. antibiotics will just make things worse because they kill bacteria that eat the fungus that cause yeast infection. also have the owner blow the ares dry a few times a day with a blow drier set on low heat. yeast like damp environment. this will slow down its growth. acidophiles (it is natural) will work to help the dogs immune system fight the yeast. you can get capsules and sprinkle it on the food. sugary treats can cause yeast . some people give their pets cookies and candy they do not know any better. so educate them

  4. ms manners says:

    Caprylic acid (a form of zinc) kills yeast internally.
    Im not sure if it would work externally, but your client could feed it to the dog.

    Be careful with the tea-tree oil. I have used it directly on skin, but I have also heard of some dogs having a bad reaction to it.

  5. ttc #1 ~baby dust~ says:

    I had a dog like this in the past. She got chronic yeast infections in her ears & all over her body. I was told by our vet that a natural way to deal with it was with vinegar & water.
    Rinse with vinegar & water after a bath, and dry well. Yes, vinegar stinks while its wet, but once dry it is odorless.
    Also if the dog has yeast in the ears as my old girl used to get, you can also clean their ears out with vinegar and water (50/50 solution), once again, make sure you use cotton to fully dry the ear!

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