Natural ways to cure an infection? N yeast, there is a way?

July 6th, 2013 by Emily
natural remedies for yeast infections
by Vietnam and the U.S. plants. plants

Question: Natural ways to cure an infection? n yeast, there is a way ? ? Cu? L is the best natural way to cure an infection? N yeast .. anyone, please help if there is a way to cure Greatest answer:

Drinking t? chromatic (as brand Alattar). A cup to d? For a while, then drink less and less, like a cup each 3 to 4 d? Ace. T? Sage has a mont? n of advantages, of course. Improving the condition? N of the skin, reduces sudoraci? N excessive, improves memory and helps maintain a normal person. Tambi? N is antif? Ngico, so it helps to remove an infection? N yeast. Preferably do not use with other drugs, such as chromatic is a strong herb.

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4 Comments on “Natural ways to cure an infection? N yeast, there is a way?”

  1. lucy says:

    Get the book,Prescription For Nutritional Healing,it has a section on Candida,or yeast overgrowth.Lists many natural antifungals.Garlic,coconut oil,oil of oregano are a few,but,be awhere,that they casue die-off reactions or healing reactions that can make you feel ill.Get some charcoal tabs to help absorb the die-off.Go slow.

  2. Eat your fruits and veggies says:

    You cannot take anything(supplement, oral, pills, food, herbs) to heal a yeast infection.Curing doesn’t work that way.

    The way it does work is that you have to get rid of the environment in which yeast like to proliferate in.

    The way it does work is that you have to get rid of all the junk. Get rid of all the cheese, bread, milk, eggs, meat, starch, sodas, cakes, nuts and everything that your body doesn’t need.

    As long as you keep eating this stuff, this yeast will keep poliferating. Even if you eat these foods once in moderation, it will immediately cause the yeast to proliferate.

    What you want is a diet high in living fiber, and high in chlorophyll, high in enzymes. Fiber tends to sweep the bad stuff out of the colon much faster than any other food will.

    Fruits and vegetables have the most fiber, chlorophyll, and living enzymes. Although you can eat the diet of fruits and vegetables, you will see that in your case, most of your yeast problems will begin to disappear. But who cares? Why not go further to improve your health?

    Go for a fast. Give your body a break it needs.

    Ultimate Cleanses (for advanced detoxification):

    40 days on eating just wild, indigenous grapes
    40 days on eating just grapes
    40 day juice feast on just lemon juice
    60 day juice feast on just fruit and green leafy vegetable juices
    10 days water fast
    17 day juice fast on fruit juice
    30 day coconut water fast

  3. Mai says:

    one of the best remedies is Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements commonly available in most health food stores. Basically this contains the same good bacteria which are naturally present in the vagina and are required to maintain a healthy flora.

  4. Marion says:

    In my opinion the best treatment for yeast infection is something that is natural. The OTC stuff doesn’t work permanently and usually burns!

    Here’s a link to an article that describes some pain free options. ;-)

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