Need help identifying a type of bird?

December 9th, 2012 by Emily
thrush hermit
by Steve Dinn

Question: Need help identifying a type of bird?
Having bird trouble. What type of bird is this: They are for the most part dark brown, but have black and white spots all down their breast? Thanks for any help.
Sorry for not explaining a tiny further, I live in northern Kansas. It was larger than a robin, it was a evenhandedly dark brown, kinda like chocolate, as far as the spots, its like the bird had a checkerboard pattern on its breast. I couldn’t see its beak or eyes very well, it was busy splashing around in my bird bath, (it was a shade hot today)
I think it might be the long billed thrasher

Best answer:

Answer by Kelly C
Ok Now I can probably narrow it down… the long billed thrasher does not reside in your area so that leaves these birds as possibilities…

Brown Thrasher… 11 1/2 inches long

The most distinctive feature of this bird is the song, you might have heard it go here to listen…

Sage thrasher… 8 1/2 inches

Wood Thrush… 8 inches

Hermit thrush… 6 1/2 – 7 1/2 inches

Swainson’s Thrush… 6 1/2 – 7 3/4 inches

Gray-cheeked thrush… 6 1/2 – 8 inches

Northern Waterthrush… 6 inches

Louisiana Waterthrush.. 6 1/2 inches

Those are all the birds I can think of right now that fit your description and live in your area…hope this helps!!

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6 Comments on “Need help identifying a type of bird?”

  1. nikki101279 says:

    Could be a swallow. Or maybe a starling.

  2. leviter_atingere says:

    The first thing you need to tell us is where you are. The descriptioncudl apply to a starling in Europe, a bower bird in Australia or a mannikin in India. It’s a big world and lots of birds are brown with speckled aprons.

    The next hting you need to tell us is how big the bird is. Is it the size of a swan? The size of a crow? The size of a sparrow?

    The next thing youneed to tell us is what hte bird was doing when you saw it? Was it perched in a tree? Flying? Walking around on the ground? Swimming?

    Then try telling us what sort of beak it had? Did it have a hooked beak? A duck bill? A finch’s beak?

    There are literally hundreds of birds on this planet that fit the vague description you gave.

  3. #girl says:

    It sounds like it’s some kind of thrasher.

    Here is a link that you can go to. This site has numerous photos.
    I’m sure that you can find a match.

  4. Shilo H says:

    Sounds like it could be a starling. Does it look like this?

  5. BEETLE says:

    I have to agree with Kelly C it sounds like some sort of Thrush.

  6. birdgirl says:

    hhmmm…might need a little more of a description…and would help to know where you live…but my best guess would be a Hermit Thrush or other kind of thrush, or maybe an immature American Robin. Do a web search and see if any of those match your bird.

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