Now a question about yeast of cloth to?

April 16th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Now a question on the cloth to Thrush ? Now that my son is? looking to get rid of the thrush in the mouth (looks 10 times superior than it has in the past week thanks to the GSE), which now has sores on his bottom and front.I feel so bad. But I have some questions if anyone can responder.1. It gave me a cream for his thrush nystatin pa? Al. Qu? do I rub on it or simply place it in as the cream of cloth to (there werent the instructions exception? n “Apply current Route four times a day? to? You use a lot or little? S? that cover the whole? area, but? cu? nt? 2. I’ve seen photos of candidiasis of cloth to and see? to horrible. Since you called? so early you get? as bad as it est? trying to do or s? it worse before it gets better? identification? n feel bad if I have so Mal.3. It is normal for a baby? with thrush thrush mouth cloth to and at the same time or immediately after? s. Is it that I did something wrong to spread it. I feel so bad it’s so miserable and I feel guilt m? a.oh if pregunta4.? We apply the cream cloth in between use the cream thrush from its used 4 times a day or if you s? it has to use the medicamento.Y I have called the physicians office but no one returns my phone calls? phone. Well, havent in? last two days they and I called like 6 times and I keep getting to a train station and? n nurses where I have to leave a message and they are supposed to call me back, as well? think? identification? n see what the mom? s here? suggested?. Most? to the sometimes have good ideas and 9 out of 10 times the work! Greatest answer: Wed Reply by soccene

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3 Comments on “Now a question about yeast of cloth to?”

  1. my_king_died4me says:

    Our baby got this after taking an antibiotic a few weeks ago.

    If you have started treating it with the Nystatin, then it will not get worse, as long as you’re taking care of it and don’t let the baby sit in the diapers too long, that type of thing.

    Our daughter had oral thrush, then it went to the diaper area, perfectly normal.

    Just put the Nystatin on like regular cream, don’t need to rub it in. Our baby had the Nystatin cream AND the Nystatin powder. We alternated between the two, and in 1.5 days it was almost gone!

    NOT your fault!!! You can’t prevent this. It is caused by yeast, which everyone has in their bodies!! At least you’re taking care of it before it got worse!

    Best wishes!!!!!

  2. Just Curious says:

    My son had it too; I put it genereously on the effected area when I changed his diaper…just rub it on there. Also I’m not sure if this is the same cream, but we used hydrocordizon (jock itch cream) and it really cleared it up fast. FYI he has a little eczema on his back, and putting that on there is helping too. Our ped. told us this….hope it helps! Oh and yeah they usually go hand in hand…but for some reason our son only got it on his bottom…but like i said it went away really quick.

  3. Millysspot says:

    It happens allot and diaper thrush is basically a yeast infection. I would put the cream on then I usually put a butt cream on top of it( I like desitin original helps keep the cream where it needs to be) and yes I would definitely use the butt cream in between the medicine cream. And no you did nothing wrong some times the body flushes things out in different ways.Good luck.

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