Oral Thrush?

January 21st, 2011 by Emily
oral thrush
by PhylB

Question: Oral Thrush?
I went on the Atkins Diet about 2 months ago and would occassionally eats a lot of carbs. I’ve done this twice for about 4 days and went back on to the Atkins diet and ever since I started in April I been having skin problems. Went to the Dr and she stated I had a fungal infection on my face which I have been using ketacolozone for. Visited her again this day and she stated I’ve got oral thrush even though I felt no symptoms.

I am now wondering if this could be down to my diet.

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Answer by B.J. C
I don’t think it is related to your diet directly.
Candida albicans is the study of the fungus that lives in most people’s mouths. It is usually “kept in check” by other organisms also living in your mouth. What causes it to grow out of control?
-Taking antibiotics or steroid medications
-Having HIV infection or AIDS
-Receiving chemotherapy for cancer or drugs to suppress your immune system following an organ transplant
-Being very old or very young
-Being in poor health
-Having diabetes (poorly controlled=increased sugar in saliva)

If you fit into any of these categories this would explain the infection easily.

Oh, a dry mouth (or a condition which results in a dry mouth) can also play a role in allowing Candida to grow out of control)
I would also advocate getting an HIV test (it probably isn’t the culprit, but it’s always a good theory to get checked out, especially when you could have it and not have any symptoms for 10+ years.
***sometimes oral thrush is misdiagnosed, be sure that your physician has prefabricated sure it is thrush and not something else****
Hope this helps

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4 Comments on “Oral Thrush?”

  1. Annu says:

    My dear friend you are definitely suffering from fungal infection most probably from candida albicans, so you use drops containing clotrimazole, atleast for seven days.

  2. Stephanie says:

    well, you could have a nerve type herpes virus that affects the face. Herpes 1 lies dormant in the trigeminal/TMJ nerve right in front of the ear and reactivates after nerve trauma.symptoms can be aggrivated due to stress…this happens intermittently. your diet could very well possibly be the cause if your back and forth.
    if the cream doesn’t work (might improve, until discontinuing)) you could very well have tirgeminal/tmj nerve herpes type1.
    have you had any dental visits or under a lot of stress? (other than the see-saw stress your diet is causing).

    good luck.

  3. stynque says:

    Thrush can be very painful. I have been battling it for years. People with weakened or compromised immune systems (auto immune or HIV+) are very susceptible. I have both issues with RA & HIV. I suggest NOT to shrug it off-nip it in the butt now. Oral thrush once it gets a foothold gets very painful and can continue down the esophogus and into the lungs-that happened to a friend of mine.
    Off & on diet is not good for your whole system – also, sugars in all forms feed the thrush- it’s more of a yeast infection and yeast loves sugar carbs-and sugar substitutes are nothing more than sugar with their molecules slightly rearranged and are worse for your body. Try Stevia-I use half & half combination of stevia and whole unrefined sugar when I make lemonaide or Kool-Aide and honey in tea.
    I have had more sucsess using Tea Tree Oil & Whitch Hazel on my face plus the thought of having to use Athletes Foot Fungal creams on my face just doesn’t give me that warm glowwy feeling.

  4. whtecloud says:

    Here’s a link that talks about oral thrush. There’s a very slight possibility that it could be caused by not eating enough. Malnutrition is one way to get it.

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