Oral Thrush?

May 4th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Oral Thrush?
does thrush hurt?
Does it show up randomly (like overnight)
and does it begin off as patch then a bunch of patches?
does thrush show up as the primary infection for HIV

i need those q answered for health project thank you !

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Answer by Jamie Z
thrush is a yeast infection called candidiasis. it doesnt injured so much as it’s irritating. it can show up randomly like over night.
go here:


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2 Comments on “Oral Thrush?”

  1. Mary Boo says:

    Oral Thrush is a infection of yeast fungus, Candida Albina’s is the mucous membranes of the mouth.


  2. hellsnextbosss says:

    oral thrush offcourse hurts sometimes like ur toungue is cut and burns so much when eating spicy or hot food or vodka :P
    it dont show up randomly it show up to a normal person if he was been long time treating with anti-biotics or steroids etc..
    and offcourse if some one is infected with HIV or Cancer and if that his immune system will be week so it will take so long time to treat it so ya it is related much to HIV and last of ur questions or the 3rd — offcourse everything starts little then after day or 2 become more what i mean is that the white coating on toungue or throat be at 1st little but not only 1 patch! and then grows more and more especially if taken while sick antibiotics or eating lots lots of sugar :)

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