Over the Counter Treatment for Male Herpes?

February 11th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Over the Counter Treatment for Male Herpes?
I think I have got herpes. My penis was sore and I’ve seemed to get rid of the soreness with thrush creme. But I have ulscer like sores still on my foreskin that dont seem to be shifting…and after searching the web it looks like the only explanation is herpes. Is there any over the counter treatments in the UK that can treat the ulscers?

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Answer by richdance_mills
you need to have it checked out

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3 Comments on “Over the Counter Treatment for Male Herpes?”

  1. i_d_o_n_t_e_x_i_s_t says:

    Don’t instantly assume it’s herpe’s it could quite easily be thrush as it can occur any time with an imbalance of bacteria, carry on applying the thrush creme for 2 weeks and if theres no improvement see a doctor right away!

    Ulcer like sores sounds like thrush too as herpes are more like blisters.

  2. Boygenius says:

    Please consult a doctor.

  3. Emlou says:

    You really need a condition like herpes to be checked out by a doctor. No other choice. Over the counter remedies may help, but what if it isn’t herpes? You would be using totally the wrong thing and risking further damage to you and your partner. Don’t have sex if you suspect you have herpes, condoms don’t protect because the herpes can be all over the groin.

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