Plain yogurt can cure the infection? No yeast despite the az? Natural car? L?

March 9th, 2011 by Emily
by mauroguanandi

Question: plain yogurt can cure the infection? No yeast despite the az? natural car? l ? I purchased yogurt shop to cure an infection? No yeast. I have it? Do you have to be clear and not az? Car. I checked the ingredients. org yogurt? one-of-a-kind with live and active cultures are? Nicos ingredients no az? car. but states it has 7 grams of az? automobile in apiece porci? n. this yet? to heal an infection? No yeast? Greatest answer: Wed Reply by dancer423
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3 Comments on “Plain yogurt can cure the infection? No yeast despite the az? Natural car? L?”

  1. Shorty says:

    You can try yogurt, but most women find it super messy and it rarely works.

    Just go buy a real yest infection medication at the drug store. Nobody will look at you funny, it’s TOTALLY normal for women to get them, even babies get them!

    If it doesn’t go away after a full treatment, go to the gynecologist and they can prescribe a pill that should get rid of it fast.

  2. bootz says:

    Is the yeast infection caused from antibiotics? How do you know you have a yeast infection? There are over the counter products such as, Monistat. Yogurt is recommended when taken antibiotics to put back the bacteria that the antibiotics destroy. If the over the counter products do not work, get to a doctor.

  3. sweetestthing2009 says:

    Yes this will work, i have done this home remadie while at uni as i was too poor to aford the real stuff
    What u have2 do is put it n the end of a tampon and insert it for hal a hour, leave it and then do it again for anltehr half hour, give it a day or so and it will b very messy so u will need 2 wear a sanitory towel./ panty liner.

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