PLEASE help. I only want your answer if you HONESTLY know what you’re talking about. Do I have genital herpes?

June 28th, 2012 by Emily

Question: PLEASE help. I only want your answer if you HONESTLY know what you’re speaking about. Do I have genital herpes?
Since last April, my boyfriend and I had only messed around until I finally gave my virginity to him in January. If I fail to clean myself well after we have sex, I nearly always find that a urinary tract infection is the result the next day. I’ve had one for quite a while now, but that isn’t the problem I need help with at the moment. (I digress.) On Friday, we had sex in his car, which resulted in a terrible tear at the bottom of the opening of my vagina. I realize that a certain position we were in caused this, so I don’t need advice regarding how to stay away from tearing. The tear nearly reaches my anus, which is extremely sore as well. (Yucky, I know.) It is much worse than any tear I’ve had before and has yet to heal properly. In fact, it has barely healed at all. It is excruciatingly painful when I use the bathroom, sit certain ways, or bend over. On Sunday, I realized that the tear wasn’t the only cause of the pain I was experiencing down there. Using a hand mirror, I took a look and discovered that I have red, painful bumps around my vagina. They are not clustered together, but spread apart, and they are apiece about the size of a massive pimple. However, they are NOT pimples, I DO NOT have razor burn, and THIS IS NOT A YEAST INFECTION. I don’t want to hear anything about the possibility of any of those things! My body has been covered in acne since I was very young, so I am very familiar with what a pimple looks and feels like. I haven’t shaved in that area recently; I’ve only trimmed. I’ve developed a yeast infection before, and this is entirely different. My vagina is also secreting a thick, yellow, odorless discharge. (Again, I promise that this is not a yeast infection.) I only noticed 2 bumps on Sunday, but there are about 4 or 5 now and have nearly doubled in size. (Still, they are no larger than a huge zit.) The bumps are located on my labia minora and cause even more pain when I touch them or pee than the tear does. They cause no itching at all. I looked up photos of sores and breakouts that appear as symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, and the only images that looked somewhat like what I have were those of genital herpes. However, no picture was absolutely accurate, so I can’t be sure. My boyfriend has had multiple sexual partners, both male and female, and I know for a fact that two of the girls were.. well, whores. Anyway, I’ve never experienced a ‘breakout’ like this before, and I’m growing increasingly concerned about my and my boyfriend’s health. Do you think that I have genital herpes? If not, what does it sound like to you?

Also, I’ll be having a check-up on Thursday and plan to mention this problem to my doctor. If it is confirmed that I have an STD, is there any reason that the parent I live with has to know? My mother – who I do not live with – will be taking me to the physician and would not be upset with me if I had something. She would also pay for medication for me and keep it a secret. Could I request that my medication be confidential between me, my mom, and my physician if I have something? :(
I failed to mention that I have two very prominent, painful lumps on apiece side of my groin. Both are located under the skin, are even with apiece other, and feel as though they have smaller raised areas around them. They injured when I press on them, walk, or move certain ways, and they feel nearly exactly like aching muscles. After researching a tiny bit, I am assuming that they are swollen lymph nodes. They appeared and began to injured at the same time as the bumps around my vagina.

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Answer by Ma Amanda
it’s so long but i read all, i am sorry that i have no theory ,but Don’t upset many people have it .may u come to these related site like “” or ”” for help, many stds people there . feel free to chat, share stories, make friends in your local area.You can find someone to speak or get help! the experienced more and know more take care !

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  1. scattered_tracks says:

    yeah i guarantee you 100% do have it – not in a rude joking way either. In all seriousness, id just about bet my life on it.

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