please help, oral candidiasis in the kids?

July 9th, 2012 by Emily
oral thrush children
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Question: Please help, oral candidiasis for the kids 10,8,7,3, and 2 year-old woman with oral candidiasis? What? I’m not doing right? is why we have asked any of my kids have taken antibiotic? Ticos, who have a very healty diet including water for most? to thier beverage, and consumption of az? automobile in my minimal.included home is very child in my diet is plain yogurt (which I’m growing while having thrush and this is as? clarify), but what COULD? to ??be why?? how candidiasis contract not once but this is the second time in? Tv shows 6 semanasMejor response: Answer

by Shawn R
Your question caus me? curiosity, I’ve never or? do anyone have this problem. Current Finds? on Google a bit, and I found myself? with good information? n on this link (copied below). # “Thrush is caused by a naturally occurring fungus , usually Candida albicans. The fungus est? often present in the mouth and vagina and sometimes causes no ning? ns? ntoma.Hay a number of factors have been associated with triggering episodes of thrush . However, with the exception? n of pregnancy, the antibiotic? Ticos, and poorly controlled diabetes, evidence of individual risk factors found to be conclusive. Accepted risk factors and doable risk factors for candidiasis described continuation? n.Aceptados risk factors?? * The antibiotic? Ticos: oral candidiasis occurs in approximately 30% of women they are up taking a course of antibiotic? ticos sist? monkeys, or intravaginal. Even Though the use of any antibiotic? Ticos might increase the risk of getting thrush, to develop the condition? n, the Candida fungus must already be present.???? * Pregnancy – if you are? pregnant, changes in levels of female sex hormones, such as str? gen, they do m? s likely to develop thrush. During pregnancy, the Candida fungus is m? s common (com? n), and the infection? No recurrent is Tambi? nm? s likely.???? * Diabetes mellitus (poorly controlled) – if you have diabetes mellitus, that it is not? controlled effectively, you are m? s likely to develop thrush.???? * Immunodeficiency – if your Immune System? gico est? weakened by an immunosuppressive disease such as HIV or AIDS, the risk of developing thrush is increased. This is because your Immune System? gico, which normally fights infection, is unable to control propagation effectively? No fungus Candida.Los doable risk factors?? * Contraceptives – It is thought that contraceptives, particularly combined oral contraceptives increase the risk of thrush. However, the results of the studies have been carried out in this? area have been inconclusive.???? * Sexual behavior – even though this infection? n is m? s com? n during a? years of increased sexual activity (during a? thirty and forty years), there is tiny evidence to support the condition? n is transmitted during sexual intercourse, or that there alg? No benefit in the treatment of sexual partners. However, women who have sex by v? to mouth might be at increased risk of developing thrush.???? * Wear tight clothing – wearing tight clothing like socks, or using panty liners, might increase your chances of getting thrush.???? * Hygiene female – there is tiny evidence to recommend that sanitary towels are a risk element for candidiasis. There is no evidence that tampons or douching, are risk factors for developing the condition? n. “

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3 Comments on “please help, oral candidiasis in the kids?”

  1. Linda M says:

    I have had this and I find that too much sugary food / drink can make it worse or set it off – the sugar makes an imbalance with the good bacteria in the body, antibiotics aren’t good either, you may have to change your diet a bit. Yoghert, Yukult? and things like that will help to prevent it.
    I am pretty sure it can be catching, so if all of the kids have it they have probably given it to each other, take them to the doctor, there are treatments available, before it gets worse.

  2. Costas B says:

    A common cause of oral thrush (candidiasis) is the over-use of antibiotics or steroids that may alter the oral mucosal environment. Persons with weakened immune systems or poor general health are more susceptible to oral thrush.

    Although oral thrush is treated easily with antifungus medications, it can become very dangerous if left untreated.

    Even if oral thrush symptoms do not cause major discomfort, you should not ignore an outbreak of thrush because that may allow it to spread down the throat to other organs and cause severe health complications. Contact your doctor to prescribe the proper medication to treat the infection.

  3. allgiggles1984 says:

    soemthign theyre are eating? soemthign in their diet or lack of in their diet? make sure they have a lot of water and fruit juices. no constipation. thats makes things worse. lot of water to get rid of toxins frm the kidney via urinating alot and at the other end. pineapple juice is great. greek yoghurt is great for thrush too. get it sorted quick mrs. they need a good helathy diet.

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