? Qu? happens if I treat an infection? n yeast with metronidazole?

April 10th, 2013 by Emily

asked: What? happens if I treat an infection? Yeast n metronidazole Ok, as? I think I have an infection? n are yeast? ay Pareci me? a drug (metronidazole) which Recet? to m? atr a couple of months? sy it us?, but now I have fear because it is like an antibiotic, and s? that can trigger an infection? n yeast, but I needed help, and I realized, as it can relieve COMEZ? n that Guests may? working, but now it s not?, go to m? physician ma? ana . ? The use of this gel that my s? Symptoms worsen Greatest Answer : Response

been prefabricated worse by using an antibiotic that is known to cause yeast infections. What needs to be clarified is an anti-fungal and yeast is a fungus, not an infection? N. Since you est? seeing your physician tomorrow,? l give you? necesitas.S what? him remember not to do this again.

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One Comment on “? Qu? happens if I treat an infection? n yeast with metronidazole?”

  1. Jasmine says:

    Metronidazole can worsen a pre-existing yeast infection (such as thrush or a vaginal yeast infection). These yeast infections usually require treatment with an antifungal medication. I would disconnect the use of it if you haven’t already.

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