? Qu? How effective is the treatment of the infection? n counter yeast?

January 27th, 2013 by Emily

Question:? Qu? How effective is the treatment of the infection? n yeast count I have an infection? n yeast, but as I have no insurance? I can not go to see a physician. I was searching the net, and apparently there is much controversy about Monistat, etc. I was wondering if anyone has used non-prescription treatment to cure the infection? N, and if so ‘,’ cu? L? Thank you very much. :) Greatest answer: Response

My physician told me (the? Last time I had one) that OTC is potentially superior than the antibiotic? Tico to give doc a. Instructed to use me a kit 3-7 day as, and then move a week (no sex) and make another kit day as 3-7. Also I n no other m? Everyone that are supposed to be? Tiles in health food stores. Google for other ideas. (Do not use Monistat, I just got the store brand.) Dislike and am against the antibiotic? Ticos thier use unless totally no other way! My girlfriend applied for infection Yeastrol? N yeast. It is very effective so if you want to try, you can visit this site http://doiop.com/healyeast

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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3 Comments on “? Qu? How effective is the treatment of the infection? n counter yeast?”

  1. Carmen says:

    it works. I’ve used it when I don’t feel like going to the dr. Get the one dose…expect releif within 3 days.

  2. Dr. TJ says:

    They’re generally pretty effective and would be the first recommendation for any GP worth your time.

  3. cowboydoc says:

    My wife just went through this, her Ph asst. just recommended Monistat and if that doesn’t work then come back. It worked well.

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