? Qu? Thrush aspect of the mam? and baby?

February 24th, 2011 by Emily

Question: C? mo looks like thrush in the mom and baby? ? On behalf of my nipples of the skin is white and can be spread in places. Are cracks in the outer side of both and invitation to tender? N. I’ve been pumping s? It for 3 weeks (at birth), usung Lanohlin Nurse oil pills? A. ? My Baby? might have thrush if I d? foward breast milk from a bottle? ? And what? you think? Greatest answer: Wed Reply by ~ 3 reasons to live ~
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4 Comments on “? Qu? Thrush aspect of the mam? and baby?”

  1. dylans.sarah says:

    thrush in a babies mouth will be white on the inside of his cheeks kind of like dried milk but it wont come off if you rub it.
    and on you it would become very painful red painful itch.
    I had it and it was awful!!!

  2. MadameXCupcake says:

    It looks like little white spots, and when you rub the white away, it is red underneath.
    I really have no idea what it looks like a breast though.[thankgoodness, none yet!]
    Thrush Images.

    I had thrush when I was pregnant, and my mouth was very sore, so expect a cranky baby.

    Take extra probiotics.
    Acidophilus containing bifidus[the probiotic most prevalent in babies] that would clear it up.
    It will also prevent it from returning.
    Probiotics are the good bacteria in you.
    Probiotics also pass through breast milk, so you can take some as well.
    Ask at a pharmacy and they will help you.

    Some general info

    Some baby probiotics.

  3. mommyx3 says:

    Whew me and my 2 week old are recovering from thrush! I noticed it first in her mouth it looked like milk was building up and I tried to get it off it wouldn’t come off. Her mouth got worst it was completely white!! My boobs just started hurting yesterday and I have little bumps on my boobs. The dr. gave us some meds that take about 2 days to clear it up. They supposedly get it from unsterilized nipples, pacifiers, etc. Since my baby doesn’t take a bottle we aren’t exactly sure where it came from but the dr said I could’ve had a slight yeast infection and she contracted it coming down the birth canal.

    Good Luck

  4. chastidy says:

    Baby gets a white toungue and it can look like dried skin on your nipples. Maybe a rash and irritation.

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