? Qu? type of Listerine is best to cure white tongue?

September 29th, 2013 by Emily

Question:? Qu? type of Listerine is best to cure white tongue I have a white tongue and I’ve been brushing for nearly 5 months, but s? reduced it slightly. I want to know cu? Listerine is it best for this problem minas.http :/ / www.listerine.com / products / product-FreshBurst Greatest answer: is

necessary to cure a white tongue. This comes from the food you consume and does not cause health problems so they do not need treatment. Overscrubbing can actually promote infections such as candidiasis.

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2 Comments on “? Qu? type of Listerine is best to cure white tongue?”

  1. veronica m says:

    A white tongue is usually a sign of a fungal infection.Listerine will not help.A doctor will be able to prescribe a mouthwash for this.

  2. Robert K says:

    It depends on how white your tongue is – if it is a “normal” looking shade of white, try a tongue scraper like this one: http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/dentek-tongue-cleaner/ID=prod369779-product

    If it looks more like this picture http://thrushpictures.com/images/thrush_tongue.jpg then it is probably thrush and you need to see a physician to get the right medicine to get rid of it. If it is thrush, get it treated. I’ve seen people let these infections go without treatment, and sometimes they get into the blood and can risk your life.

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