Question about baby with yeast rash?

October 12th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Question about baby with yeast rash?
My 8 month old seems to have what I think is a yeast rash. It’s not a typical red diaper rash, it’s red and blotchy and bumpy but it’s not as bad as the photos you see on google, it’s just starting. But she shows no signs of yeast in her mouth, nor do I show any signs of a yeast rash (I breastfeed). Is it doable for her to have a yeast diaper rash when I don’t have any signs of it? Should both of us be treated for a yeast infection or just her since I have no signs?

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Answer by Karen, RN
If you google “diaper rash yeast”…what you see is SEVERELY UNTREATED cases.

Typical yeast rash is just red dots…just because she has yeast in her diaper area, doesn’t mean she’ll have it in her mouth. They are caused by two different things.

She doesn’t “catch it” from you.

You need to call your physician and get a diaper rash cream that specifically, treats yeast. They don’t sell anything over the counter for that.

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2 Comments on “Question about baby with yeast rash?”

  1. Katie says:

    Use over the counter lotrimin cream 4 times per day. Active ingredient is clomitrazine (sp?). You will find it with the athletes foot or jock itch creams. You can also start baby on a probiotic and put a bit of white vinager or baking soda in his bath Best thing is naked time.

  2. Mom to Leah and Adam says:

    Yes, even little boys can get yeasty diaper rashes, anytime its bumpy, rather than just red, its probably yeast. You don’t need to be treated, if it were coming from you she’d have thrush in her mouth not her diaper area. If you call the doctor they can probably call in a prescription for nystatin ointment which will clear it up quickly, gyne-lotrimin also works but its as pricey as prescription nystatin and not as thick.

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